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5 - Grams

for wizard of oz study

review of this a hotel a review of this hotel
you do permission not have you do not have permission
a farm grew up on grew up on a farm
to glad you hear from glad to hear from you
to go back beginning the go back to the beginning
this final of adventure leg final leg of this adventure
took what so you long what took you so long
a wise word to the a word to the wise
listed the on exchange stock listed on the stock exchange
a of musical interpretation arrangement interpretation of a musical arrangement
extra at no available charge available at no extra charge
used federal by the government used by the federal government
to say hello dropping by dropping by to say hello
my birth the daughter of the birth of my daughter
man the of a wife the wife of a man
interview part the process of part of the interview process
to the back century nineteenth back to the nineteenth century
a of family children eight a family of eight children
tremendous a of respect amount a tremendous amount of respect
possibility outside realm of the outside the realm of possibility
a week during the summer a week during the summer
of his the father name the name of his father
in the field authorities leading leading authorities in the field
on located the level upper located on the upper level
we continue to experience delays we continue to experience delays
every breakfast is morning served breakfast is served every morning
a grand old having time having a grand old time
job to a do decent to do a decent job
an of history knowledge adequate an adequate knowledge of history
people who elected them the the people who elected them
to them in see concert to see them in concert
mile more a away than more than a mile away
for the thank invitation you thank you for the invitation
look enough to eat good look good enough to eat
shower getting the out of getting out of the shower
shot the foot itself in shot itself in the foot
bold make a statement fashion make a bold fashion statement
become a for us tutor become a tutor for us
a man the genius is the man is a genius
west of mountain the side west side of the mountain
hear his sheep the voice the sheep hear his voice
most from the times ancient from the most ancient times
the his jacket back of the back of his jacket
about a young novel woman novel about a young woman
in a stranger foreign country stranger in a foreign country
into divided primary secondary and divided into primary and secondary
balanced diet and exercise program balanced diet and exercise program
a in the castle air a castle in the air
small oxygen amount of a a small amount of oxygen
into a rage to fly to fly into a rage
opened a champagne bottle of opened a bottle of champagne
Created by: kygliao
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