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Indigo Carolina cash crop used to make a blue dye; brought a high price in Europe
Cash Crop a crop grown for a profit rather than for use by the grower
Slaves replaced indentured servants; cheap labor and was usually for life
Eliza Lucas Pinckney responsible for indigo becoming a successful cash crop in Carolina
Carolina Gold rice grown in Carolina
Proprietors invested money in the Carolina colony; controlled the government of Carolina
Pirates illegally captured ships; hurt the economy of nations and cities with deep water harbors
Regulators group of back country settlers who took the law into their own hands; vigilantes
Naval Stores products used to build ships; major industry in the Carolinas
Proprietary Colony a colony controlled by individuals; try to make a profit
Indentured Servants Laborers who worked under a contract for a set amount of time
Parliament had power to pass laws and collect taxes in England
Charter gave the proprietors permission to establish Carolina Colony; given by the King
Stono Rebellion large slave rebellion in Carolina; led to the passing of strict slave codes
Middle Passage name given to the voyage made by African slaves to the New World
Mercantilism close regulation of trade by the mother country; England's economic control over colonies
Headright System offered settlers land in the colonies if they could pay for their trip; influenced indentured servants and slavery
Joint Stock Company investors who provide money (invest) in the start of a colony in hopes of sharing in the profits
Quitrent annual rent that Proprietors charged settlers on their land
Diverse; Diversity having a great deal of variety
Subsistence Farming colonists who had small farms where they grew enough food to meet their needs
Democracy rule of the people