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Am.History ch 6

Am.History ch 6 - Christ in the Americas Textbook

The Church of England is known in England as the ___ church Anglican
England's first explorer was a Genoese named... John Cabot
John Cabot persuaded which monarch to let him explore the New World? King Henry VII of England
What year did Cabot come to the New World? 1497
Cabot's ship landed in ... Newfoundland, near where Leif Ericson landed 500 years earlier.
Instead of receiving his pension from the king, what did John Cabot do? Went exploring again, and he and four ships were lost without a trace.
The English initial interest in the New World was just for... fishing off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland.
A great favorite of Queen Eliz I, he begged her to finance a voyage to the NW. Sir Walter Raleigh
What year did Raleigh's 2 ships reach the NW?What did he have the landing place named? 1584Virginia
Queen Eliz's main interest in the NW was to challenge the power of ... Spain
Originally a slave trader, he turned pirate and attacked Spanish ships and towns, at the instigation of Q. Eliz.I Sir Francis Drake
The name of Sir Francis Drake's ship was ... the Golden Hind
The second man to circumnavigate the globe... Sir Francis Drake in 1580
The first English colony in the NW was established at ... Roanoke Island, VA
What year was the first English colony established at Roanoke Island? 1585
What happened to the first colony established by the English? They persuaded Drake to take them back to England due to the Indian troubles.
What year was the second Roanoke colony established? 1587
What happened at the second Roanoke colony? 1. Virginia Dare was born, the first European child born in the NW2.They became the "lost Colony of Roanoke"
Who was the mother of James I? Mary Queen of Scots
When was Jamestown founded by the London Company? 1607
The Jamestown colony started in 1607 with 105 people. How many did they have 7 months later? 32
In 1608 who was elected president of the council at Jamestown? Captain John Smith
A soldier of fortune who fought the Turks in Hungary, ruthless, headstrong and disliked, he made the people of Jamestown work for food. Captain James Smith
What did John Rolfe do in 1612 at Jamestown, that secured their future survival? Planted tobacco, having learned about it from the Indians.
What was the first colonial legislature in the NW and the beginning of self-government ? The Jamestown General Assembly
When was the first General Assembly at Jamestown convened? 1619
In 1593 Parliament passed a law aimed at persecuting the Catholics and the ... Separatists
Opposed to any kind of church organization or central authority..independent in doctrine and govt. Separatists
One of the largest groups os Separatists in Scrooby, Eng. was led by ... William Brewster.
The Scrooby Separatists called themselves... saints
The 'Saints' left England to live in ___for a time, before moving on to the NW. Holland
The Saints received a royal patent to settle in a vague area they named... New England
What were the names of the 2 ships that set out for New England in 1620? Mayflower and Speedwell
Why isn't the Speedwell famous for landing the Separatists in 1620? It leaked so badly that it had to transfer it's passengers to the Mayflower and return to England.
What did the 41 Saints on the Mayflower call the 38 other colonists? Strangers
What was the agreement between the Saints and Strangers called? The Mayflower Compact
Who was not allowed to vote according to the Mayflower Compact? Servants or hired men or women
Those on the Mayflower elected ___as their first governor? John Carver
What 2 things were significant about the Mayflower Compact? 1. Relied on the written word for law2. set up an elected form of govt.
The Mayflower settlers named their settlement... Plymouth colony
How many of the Plymouth settlers died after the first winter? more than half
Plymouth governor Carver died and was replaced by... William Bradford
The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in what month? October, 1621
This colony was never large and its influence on American history was not great... Plymouth colony
One of the new protestant sects grew until it challenged the King himself.They were the ... Puritans
The doctrines of the Puritans came from who? John Calvin
Believed that man was corrupt and could do nothing to rid himself of corruption..only hope was that God would make him 1 of the elect. Puritans
Puritans set up a "pure" new commonwealth in the NW by organizing the ... Massachusettes Bay colony
Elected governor of the Mass. Bay colony... John Winthrop
What year did the Puritans with Winthrop sail for the NW? 1630
What was Winthrop's flagship called? The Arabella
How many Puritans sailed on the 4 ships in 1630? 400
Why did Winthrop refer to the new commonwealth as a "city on a hill"? It was to serve as an example to all the world sunk in false religions.
From where was the phrase "city on a hill" taken? from Christ's words about the Christian community in general.
Not true patriotism, but exaggerated nationalism: the American way is the best and only valid system for all...is known as: American Messianism
Where  in the NW did the Puritans land in 1630? Salem, MA
What happened to the Mass. Bay colony after the first winter? 200 died, 200 returned to England
England's Puritans left because they were fed up with King___ Charles I, who dissolved the Parliament.
Although the king later gave Mass. Bay colony a royal governor, the ____ ____ continued to legislate with elected men. General Court
The Puritan's written document was the .... Massachusettes Body of Libeties
How were "non-Puritans" regarded by the colony? with disfavor. Catholics were considered Children of the devil.
One of the leading Puritan preachers who called the Catholic Church the "kingdom of Antichrist" Cotton Mather
He compare "Popish paganism to Heathen paganism"... John Cotton
____was a way of life in the Mass. Bay colony intolerance
Said a man ought not to pray with anyone not saved---even his wife and children.... Roger Williams
Roger Williams founded his own colony at ____after being run out of Boston area. Providence, RI
Controversial Mass. woman who claimed she could tell who was saved and who wasn't. Anne Hutchinson, considered a heretic by Mass. Bay
Anne Hutchinson left Mass. and established the ____colony in Rhode Island Newport
In 1638, the New Hampshire colony was founded by ______ John Wheelwright, banished by the Mass. Bay Mass. Bay colony
Also during the 1630's, this colony was founded by persons leaving Mass. Bay. Connecticut
An Englishman sailing for the Dutch East India company... Henry Hudson
When did Henry Hudson discover the Hudson Bay and the Hudson River? (what a coincidence) 1609
The first permanent Dutch settlement was on ____ Island in the year _____ 1. Manhatten2. 1624
The third governor of the Dutch colony was ____ and he purchased the island from the Indians for $24 worth of beads and such. Peter Minuit
Other Dutch colonists established the town of ____, on Long Island Brooklyn
What year did a group of Swedes establish a colony called "New Sweden"? 1638
New Sweden was first assisted, then taken over by the Dutch, and it was later called... Delaware
The governor of the Dutch settlement, who surrendered to the 4 British ships was... Peter Stuyvesant
In what year did the British take over the Dutch settlements by force? 1664
The former Dutch colony was renamed ___ ____ in honor of King Charles I's brother _______. 1. New York2. James the Duke of York
English gentleman , secretary to James I, but forced to resign because he became Catholic... George Calvert
Royal title given to George Calvert by the king James I. Lord Baltimore
Son of George Calvert who as the 2nd Lord Baltimore, established a colony where Catholics and protestants oould live peacefully. Cecil Calvert
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