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Oklahoma History

Chapter Five

coureurs de bois Frenchmen who traded and lived with Indians, learned Indian ways and language and often took Indian women as wives
Deer Creek Village Wichita town where stock was raised and meat was processed
Ethnohistorian a person who studies the historical development of cultures
Lousiana area sold by Napoleon Bonaparte to the United States in 1803
middens trash heaps
New Spain name given to Mexico by Spaniards
pueblos town:Spanish colonizers used this term to describe the permanent Indian Settlements they encountered in present day New Mexico and Arizona
Quivira a place believed by Spanish colonizers to offer incredible wealth, where even common folk ate off of silver plates and drank from golden bowls
runestone an object found near Heavener, Oklahoma, bearing markings that may have been made by Norsemen
Seven Cities of Cibola town rumored among Spanish colonizers to have houses whose walls were made of solid gold and doors of turquoise
Twin Villages settlements established in the mid-1700's by the Wichitas on opposite sides of the Red River
Created by: Jassman