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History Academic Ter

for Humanitities

acquire to get
agreement a decision reached by two or more people or groups
aspects parts
authority power, right to rule
cause the reason why something happens
classical referring to the cultures of Ancient Greece and Rome
contract a binding legal agreement
development creation
distribute to divide among groups of people
effect the results of an action or decision
establish to set up or create
ideal ideas or goals that people try to live up to
impact effect, result
method a way of doing something
neutral unbiased, not favoring either side in conflict
primary main, most important
principle basic belief, rule or law
process series steps taken to accomplish a task
purpose the reason something is done
rebel to fight against authority
strategy a plan for fighting a battle or war
vary to be different
affect to change or influence
development the process of growing or improving
efficient/efficiency productive and not wasteful
element part
features characteristics
influence change or have an effect on
innovation a new way of doing something
logical reasoned, well thought out
policy rule, course of action
role assigned behavior
traditional values customary, time-honored ideas that people hold dear and try to live by
various of many types
abstract expressing a quality or idea without reference
advocate to plead in favor of
circumstances surrounding situation
complex difficult, not simple
concrete specific, real
consequences the effects of a particular event or evernts
contemporary existing at the same time
criteria rules for defining
distinct separate
element part
execute to perform, carry out
explicit fully revealed without vagueness
facilitate to bring about
factor cause
function use or purpose
implement to put in place
implications effects of a decision
implicit understood not clearly put into words
incentive something that leads people to follow a certain course of action
motive a reason for doing something
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