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US History

US History Vocab words

Expedition A Journey for a specific purpose, such as exploration
Walter Raliegh A favorite of Queen Elizabeth who recieved permission from the queen to try and establish the New World
Roanoke Island Site of the Colony in North Carolina
Virginia Doe First English child born in the New World
Wingina Ruler of the Roanoac Indians
John White A talented artist who made many sketches and drawings of the New World its flora and fauna and its native inhabitants
Commerce Business or Trade
Ralph Lane Military leader of the of the first attempt to establish a colony in North Carolina
Patent An official document that gives its holder certain rights such as the right to establish colonies
Manteot Wanchese Native American who journeyed to England with either Amadast or Barlowe
Lost Colony Refers to the colony established by John White in 1587
Commodities Goods
Croatain/Cape Hatteras Location to which the white colony may have moved
Spanish Armada A large fleet by which Spain Intended to invade England
Privateer A pirate who was authorized to attack enemy vessels
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