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Chapter 2 Test

History 4

People who go into a new country are called? immigrants
The American port where most immigrants arrived was? New York
In 1556, Who built a fort at St. Augustine, Florida? The Spanish
Persecutions of Russians Jews that caused them to leave their homeland was called? Pogroms
Who has lived in America longer than any other group of people? Native Americans
The Declaration of Independence states that "all men are created equal"
What caused a great flood of immigration into America around 1850 potato blight
What do we call people who move away from their own country to live in another place? emigrants
what made it possible for Russian and Italian emigrants to get to ships bound for America? Railroads
The steerage is the what of a ship? Lowest deck
Chinese immigrants settled mainly on which coast? West Coast
Who controlled the thirteen colonies before 1776? England
Frederic Auguste Bartholdi sculpted what? The Statue of Libery
The Statue of Liberty is also known as what? the "Mother of Exiles"
What caused immigration to America to slow almost to a stop between 1860 and 1865? American Civil War
The Statue of Liberty was a gift from who to the people of America? France
What are the main reasons that people immigrated to America? 1. To find a freedom to worship God 2. To find a better life 3. To find political freedom
Name some sources of information about family history. 1. older family members 2. family Bible 3. Old letters 4. old photographs 5. diaries / newspaper clippings 6. baby books
Today immigrants do not have to pass through inspections where? Ellis Island
Russian Jews immigrated to America because of? persecution
Who had a hard time adjusting and being accepted to life in America? the New Immigrants
Most African immigrants came by? force
Name the first official station for receiving immigrants into the United States. Castle Gardens
Created by: calbright