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Lesson 2 Eng. Voc

Crusade Noun a fight for some good cause or against some wrong
Crusade Verb to take part in crusade
Downcast Adjective 1 looking or directed downward
Downcast Adjective 2 sad; discouraged; depressed
Drastic Adjective extreme; serious; having an major effect
Engulf Verb to swallow up; to cover completly
Grandeur Noun the quality of being grand or large and impressive; greatness
Imbecile Noun a very foolish, silly, or stupid person
Inoperative Adjective not operating, not working, or not effective
Insignificant Adjective having little or no meaning or importance; too small to matter
Novice Noun one who is new to a occupation or activity; a beginner
Quip Noun a short witty remark or reply
Quip Verb to make such a remark
Relent Verb to become less harsh, serve, or stubborn; to soften; to give in
Resilient Adjective 1 able to spring back to original shape, size, or position after being stretched, bent, squeezed, and so on
Resilient Adjective 2 able to recover quickly or easily from sadness, illness, troubles, and so on
Retaliate Verb to act in return for another's earlier action, especially a violent or evil one; to seek revenge
Shenanigans Noun Plural playful mischief or trickery
Simultaneous Adjective happening or existing together at the same time
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