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DC US His 1

Columbus 1492
Bacon's Rebellion 1678
Glorious revolution 1688
Salem Witch Trials 1692
Begin Acadian Expulsion 1755
Stamp act 1765
Tea Act; Boston Tea Party 1773
Apr. 19 Lexington and Concord 1775
"Common Sense" Thomas Paine 1776
Declaration of Independence 1776
British surrender at Yorktown 1781
Constitutional Convention 1787
Whitney Cotton Gin 1793
Louisana Purchase 1803
Missouri Compromise 1820
Alamo 1836
Trail of tears 1838
Telegraph 1844
Texas Statehood 1845
Start of "Utah War" 1857
Transatlantic Cable 1858
Lincoln Assassinated 1865
transcontinental RR 1869
Telephone 1875
End Reconstruction 1877
Freedom of speech, Religion, press, petition 1st Amendment
No self-incrimination, Double Jeopardy 5th Amendment
No cruel and unusual punishment 8th Amendment
Vote cannot be denied based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude 15th Amendment
No Slavery 13th Amendment
No quartering soldiers 3rd Amendment
Trials by jury in civil cases 7th Amendment
non-enumerated rights retained 9th Amendment
Bear arms 2nd Amendment
Defines Citizenship; Equal Protection 14th Amendment
Powers not given to Feds or prohibited to the states are retained by the people, states... 10th amendment
Trials fair, speedy, public, w/ counsel 6th amendment
No unreasonable search and seizure 4th Amendment
First Barbary 1801-1805
Second Seminole 1835-1842
King Philip's 1675-1678
Mexican American 1846-1848
1812 1812-1815
Revolutionary 1775-1783
Civil 1861-1865
Seven Years/ French and Indian 1754-1763
Blacks not citizens therefore can't sue Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857)
congress regulates interstate navigation via commerce clause (1824) Gibbons v. Ogden
Congress can't pass unconstitutional laws (1803) Marbury v. Madison
Federal gov. has Implied powers. States may not interfere (1819) McCulloch v. Maryland