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Social Studies

social studies words

Khufu 2650? - 2600 B.C. egyptian pharaoh who built the Great Pyramid
Thebes an ancient city in Upper Egypt that became the capital of the New Kingdom
scribe a professional writer who kept records and copied letters and official documents
pharaoh the title used by the rulers of ancient egypt
hieroglyphics the ancient Egyptian system of writing that used symbols to stand for objects, ideas or sounds
papyrus a reed plant that grows along the Nile River
economy the way its people manage money and resources for the production of goods and services
Memphis Egypt's capital
Menes the king of Upper Egypt (he became the pharaoh)
unification the joining of seperate parts into one
custom ways of living that people practice regularly over time
New Delhi the capital of India and one of the most populous cities in the world
history the story of the past
oral tradition passing on history by word of mouth
values things people believe are most important in life
interaction the exchange of ideas and customs
artifact an object made by someone in the past
secondary source records of the past that are based on studies of primary sources
primary source materials that were created during the time period under study
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