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Unit 4


plan for colonial union developed by Ben Franklin in 1754 to coordinate colonial defense against the French; not adopted Albany Plan of Union
signed in 1763 ending French and Indian War; Britain gained Quebec and Spanish Florida; Spain gained Louisiana Peace of Paris
British policy of exercising little direct control over colonies and allowing Navigation Acts to go unenforced salutary neglect
characterized by Indian attacks along colonial border from New York to Virginia in 1763; British troops sent to quell violence Pontiac's Rebellion
issued by British to prevent hostilities b/w colonists and Indians issued by British; said colonists could not settle west of Appalachian Mts.; meant to prevent hostilities between colonists and Indians Proclamation of 1763
imposed a 3 cent per gallon tax on French molasses that would be strictly enforced; actually reduced tax on molasses Sugar Act (Revenue Act of 1764)
said colonists had to provide food and shelter to British soldiers in colonies (but not in their homes) Quartering Act
required stamps to be placed on most printed paper in colonies (legal docs, newspapers, pamphlets, playing cards) Stamp Act
1st direct tax on colonists Stamp Act
he proclaimed "no taxation w/o representation" in response to Stamp Act Patrick Henry
idea that said Parliament represented all colonists despite fact that colonists elected no members of Parliament virtual representation
asserted Parliament’s right to “make laws and statutes” in colonies Declaratory Act
tax on tea, paper, glass, lead, painters’ colors; passed in 1767 to raise money to pay for British officials in colonies Townshend Acts
initiated by radical Samuel Adams in 1772; allowed New England towns exchanged letters about British activities Committees of Correspondance
British anti-smuggling ship that ran ashore off Rhode Island in 1772; was burned by colonists Gaspee
passed by the British in response to the Boston Tea Party Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts) of 1774
in 1774, passed the Suffolk Resolves and Declaration of Rights and Grievances in response to the Coercive Acts 1st Continental Congress
in 1775, created the Continental Army; authorized the invasion of Canada; passed the Olive Branch Petition; signed Declaration of Independence 2nd Continental Congress
1778 battle that resulted in French entering War for Independence on side of Americans Battle of Saratoga
1st constitution of the United States Articles of Confederation
set rules for creating new states in area b/w Great Lakes and Ohio River Northwest Ordinance
rebellion of poor Massachusetts farmers against rising taxes and debt; made many believe in need for stronger federal government Shays’ Rebellion (1786)
at Constitutional Convention, it called for bicameral legislature with both houses based on population Virginia Plan
at Constitutional Convention, it called for unicameral legislature with each state having 1 vote New Jersey Plan
at Constitutional Convention, it resulted in bicameral legislature (House of Representatives based on population; Senate based on equal representation) Great Compromise
these people feared strong central government/central power and wanted protection of individual rights; were mainly farmers and western settlers Anti-Federalists
these people wanted strong central government for order Federalists
85 essays published by Hamilton, Madison, and Jay to convince NY and Virginia to ratify the Constitution; promised Bill of Rights (1st 10 Amendments to Constitution) Federalist Papers
idea of French Enlightenment thinker Montesquieu, said power should be split between different branches of government separation of powers
the idea that power in the US is shared between the states and the federal/national government federalism
1st ten amendments to Constitution added to gain support from Anti-Federalists Bill of Rights
idea that a woman's place was in the domestic sphere but that she was also responsible for educating children in citizenship Republican motherhood
Said no distinction b/w internal (direct) tax and external tax (paid at port by merchants); if Parliament wanted to tax, colonists needed representation Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania (John Dickinson)
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