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Tong A of C Nakamura

A League of States The government of the U.S. was founded through the creation of the Articles of Confederation, by the Continental Congress, was no more than peace among the 13 states that had independence and had self- government.
Weak Government The government created by The Articles of Confederation, formed an ineffective and unsustainable government, whom even George Washington frowned upon it, needed almost full cooperation among the 13 states for approval of an action.
No Taxes/ No Money Each state had its own trades because they had their own independence, due to the national government having no authority nor money to force or collect taxes.
Public Order Because the national government could not impose public order, it could not create a navy or an army and because of that, the U.S. could not impose its rights on other nations, whom was having their own territorial problems such as shipping goods and etc.
High Debts The U.S. and national government both had expensive debts today back, U.S. for the Revolutionary War and the national government in domestic debt, leaving the outlook for the U.S. of having no financial future.
Worthless Money Some states used different currencies such as British, Spanish, etc. so some states printed worthless paper money to meet the money shortages and there was no way to revive the worthless money that had been already printed.
Farmers in Trouble The farmers suffered because their land was being taxed highly when they were earning little to no cash (the taxes were paid in cash) because they were mostly paid with traded goods and was thrown into prison because they owed money.
Shays' Rebellion Daniel Shays, in response to the farmers situation, led a group of poor farmers who were willing to fight for the cause. It led to the rebellion having to put down by force and causing fear to the national government and states.
National Solutions Needed These problems were addressed with the need solutions, which is why The Constitution of the United States was written to meet the needs of these problems. The U.S. need a strong and efficient government, not a weak one like they had previously.
Created by: Kadnak
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