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Moose NA Exploration

Native Americans and Exploration

How do historians classify Native Americans? location and language
For what purposes did Eastern Woodland Indians use items in the environment? shelter, tools, farming, transportation
Why did the Eastern Woodland Indians change from a nomadic lifestyle to settle in permanent villages? They developed agricultural techniques
Which SC tribes protected their villages with palisades? Cherokee and Catawba
Which SC tribe were nicknamed the "river people"? Catawba
Which SC tribe had clams and oysters as part of their diet? Yamassee
Which SC tribe fished by poisoning the water to stun the fish? Cherokee
Which SC tribe lived in the foothills and mountains of SC? Cherokee
Which SC tribe lived in the Piedmont along rivers? Catawba
Which SC tribe lived on the beach in wigwams in the summer? Yamassee
Which SC tribe originated in Spanish Florida? Yamassee
Which SC tribe had a White Leader in peacetime and a Red Leader in wartime? Cherokee
Which SC tribes used wattle and daub in the structure of their homes? Cherokee and Yemassee
In what way did SC tribes pass along their history? oral storytelling
What was the most important crop in the Eastern Woodland Indians diet? maize
Which European country was involved in the fur trade in North America? France
Which European country was searching for the Northwest Passage in North America? France
Which European country set up encomeindas in North America? Spain
Which European country brought ideas of self-government to North America? England
Which European country grew tobacco as a cash crop in North America? England
Which European country came to set up religious missions in North America? Spain
Which explorer traveled through SC looking for gold? de Soto
What is the first Spanish settlement in SC? San Miguel de Guadlape
Why did the English settle at Charles Town? provide land for families and money for Lords Proprietors
Why were the French and Spanish unsuccessful in their attempts to secure permanent settlements in SC? no leadership, unfriendly relationship with the Native Americans
What was a common thread among the SC settlements of the English, Spanish, and French? located along rivers and near the coast
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