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A League of States The Articles of Confederation established the government of the U.S. They created a confederation of 13 sovereign and independent states.
Weak Government The Articles of a Congress created a weak and ineffective government. The government had a one-chamber congress,which each state had a vote.
No Taxes/No Money The government had no money authority to collect taxes.Each state has self-agreements.The federal government wasn't permitted to regulate trade.
Public Order The government couldn't enforce public order, they could not crate an army. Each state had a militia. Britain signed the Treaty of Paris but abided parts.
High Debts There were major financial problems.The U.S was in a debt of 12 million,the government over 40 million,and the states about 25 million dollars .
Worthless Money People owed money to governments through Spanish dollars,British currency,and paper money.Thomas Jefferson proposed a simple currency.
Farmers in Trouble Farmers and their land was high taxed.Taxes were paid in cash,but farmers had very little cash and paid with goods.Debtors were thrown into prison.
Shays' Rebellion Farmers were losing their property and face jail due to debts. Daniel Shays led a group of poor farmers to protest and fight against the taxes.
National Solutions Needed A new strong government was needed. The Constitution of the U.S was written to meet needs and solve problems of the Articles of Confederation.
Created by: FakeBatman