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Tong AofC Calulot


High Debts U.S were not able to pay a debt for a war of over 12 million dollars to other foreign countries. Government had 40 million dollars in debt. The states combined had 25 million. People were worried about the U.S economic stability.
Worthless Money People owed a lot of money to their government. Because of money shortage, states began to print their own money. Impossible to back up the money with a lot of states poor and the government having no way to collect taxes.
Farmers in Trouble Farmers were taxed a lot for their farmland I'm certain states however, farmers had no cash and they usually just traded goods. They were thrown in prison if they couldn't pay so they didn't have a chance to pay the debt back.
Shay's Rebellion Shay's Rebellion was formed after the events. In 1786-1787, Daniel Shays created a group of poor farmers that stormed courthouses and started a federal arsenal. They had to be stopped by force with local soldiers.
National Solutions Needed The Constitution of the U.S was written to address all the problems America had and improve the AofC
A League of States The AofC created by the Congress created a new government for America. In 1778, a member of the Continental Congress proposed the articles and took effect in 1781. Each state was independent from each other and was self-ruled
Weak Government AofC changed the government into a fragile one. The organization of the government had a congress where each state had to vote. Each action required support out of 9 of the 13 states.
No Taxes/No Money The government had no money and authority to collect taxes and could not make trade with other countries. Each state didn't have any concerns for the other states. The federal government was not allowed to regulate trade. Each state had it's own tariffs.
Public Order The national government could not take control of order. Each state had it's own soldiers however the NG could not create an army so the U.S had no military power to enforce the laws.
Created by: Greentoped