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Chapter 3

tobacco plant that saved the Jamestown settlement.
charters granted to groups of merchants to organize settlements in America
separatists Protestants that wanted to leave and found their own churches
Massachusetts Bay Company Puritans that received a royal charter to travel to the Americas
pacifists people who refuse to use force or fight
William Penn wrote Pennsylvania's first constitution and negotiated treaties with the Native Americans
Act of Toleration law that granted the right to worship freely in Maryland
Georgia colony created so debtors and poor people could start over and last of the British colonies established in America
Sir Humphrey Gilbert claimed Newfoundland for Queen Elizabeth
Pilgrims Separatists that journey had a religious purpose
Great Migration movement that drove 15,000 Puritans to Massachusetts
The French maintained the friendliest relations with the Native Americans
Manhattan island purchased for a small amount of beads and other goods
Nathaniel Bacon known as the "greatest rebel that ever was in Virginia"
tenant farmers workers who paid their French lords an annual rent
missionaries sent by Spain to help keep other European powers from threatening Spain's empire in the Americas
Anne Hutchinson critized for speaking out and acting against the authority of the colony's ministers
Narraganset and Wampanoag Native American tribes that neighbored the Plymouth colonists
Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina colonies that produced tobacco
House of Burgesses Jamestown legislative assembly
Plymouth Pilgrims colony
Thomas Hooker founder of Hartford
Sir William Berkeley Virginia governor
Mayflower Pilgrim's ship
Squanto and Samoset showed Pilgrims how to grow corn
Metacomet also known as King Phillip
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut first written constitution in America
Roanoke colony that disappeared
John Smith leader of Jamestown that made the colonists work to survive
Pocahontas Powatan princess that helps the settlers of Jamestown
John Rolfe Jamestown settler that learns how to produce tobacco as a cash crop in Virginia
Virginia Dare first English child born in America
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