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RC- SCH Test 6

vessel in which material is pounded or rubbed morter
club shaped impalament for pounding or grinding substances in a morter pestle
plant grown for its blue dye indigo
close regulation of trade for benifit of the state mercantilism
crop grown to sell for cash not consumption staple
earthen bark used to keep water in or out of an area dike
water control device used to allow water in or out of an area floodgate
2nd part when they went from Great Briton to West Indiesof a 3 part trip transporting African slaves from Africa to America middle passage
set of laws restricting slave activities. Negro Act of 1740
remove hull from curnal of garain thresh
woven basket used to separate loose hulls from curnals of grain fanner basket
list of items which had to be shipped to Great Britain from the colonies enumareated list
Who is head of British gov. and wants more $ ? Charles II
The king thinks that colonies should be paying so sends who to prtect them? Does he charge? Navy ; yes
A.N.T is passed and required goods from colonies 2 be shipped w/ wat? Englush ships & crew
list of items that could only be shipped to England enumerated list
Items sent to America from other countries had to go through England first then destination ANT II
Who runs the colonies? Privy counsil
The privy counsil crated what to run the colonies? Board of trade
What act required govenors to enforce the act ANT III
Who was to increase trade w/ colonies? Board of trade
After Yeamens dies who becomes govenor West
What gov. made Carolina grow & shipped indian slaves West
The LP's told West to stop wat ? trading Indian slaves
Why was West fired from govenor? Didnt stop indian slave trading
The colonies were trading all the way to where? Mississippi
What was the rice called? "Carolina Gold"
Rice was first planted where? high ground
Who recomended the planters to flood rice fields? West African Slaves
What did they use to flood rice fields? Ocean tides
Were there alot of pepl growing rice? no
What did they build to stop water?What controled water in & out? dikes/floodgates
How many times were the rice fields flooded a season? 3
who developed a rice mill? What was it run by? Lucas/Wter
Were pepl getting wealthy off of rice? no
2 bad reasons to grow indigo: 1)Hard to extract color2)Frost killed it
Who came up w/ method of extracting blue ink from indigo? Pinckney
What # step in indigo: Take out indigo & put into another vat w/ limestone & water... 2
What # step in indigo: let indigo rest & settle 3
What # step in indigo: Put indigo into water 1
Why was indigo wanted in England? Fasshon color in England is blue
Who made $ off of indigo, &rice? Who did they mainly trade w/? Merchants & Carolina Planters/ Indians
Who captured the Africans and sold them to slave traders ? other africans
What is first route of Slave ships? Africa to England
What is 2nd route of slave ships? England to Barbadoes
What is 3rd route of slave ships? Barbadoes to carolina
In what yr was the slaves = to whites? 1708
Who tells the slaves that there territoy lets Africans live free? Spanish
Who led the stono rebellion? Jemmy
Where was stono rebelion headed to ? Why? Bufort/ Get ship to go to elflorida
Where did the slaves take break? Edisto River
Who captured the slaves & how many did thet take and exicute? Plantation owners/ 60
What law came after stono rebellion? Negro Act of 1740
What is nickname of Negro Act of 1740 ? SC slave codes
First salves to Carolina were from whhere? Barbadoes
In how many yrs, did the rice planters increae? 30
Who gave rice to us? Who did they give to? Thurber/ Smith, Woodward
What is another name for fllodgate? sliceway
How many pounds of indigo made after Pinckney? How many yrs? 140/3
Grand counsil made of only LP represintitives so settlers made what? The comomn house
What is name of Grand Counsil and Commons House? The assembly
Created by: Robert Coker