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Boucher Chapter 1

Mrs. Gretchen's Pre-Civil War study cards

What was the Antebellum Period? It was a time of great economic prosperity for the South.
What goals did the abolitionists want to achieve? They wanted to end slavery because they believed it was morally wrong.
Why did most white southerners oppose getting rid of slavery? They knew the South's economy depended on slavery.
African Americans who lived in the North could not enjoy this freedom. African Americans couldn't send their children to the same schools as white children.
How did the South view the role of states' rights verses federal power? The South believed the state government should have control over all the laws that affected the state, including laws about slavery.
How did the addition of new territory in the United States affect the expansion of slavery? When new states and territories were added, the free states outnumbered the slave states in the country.
This is not a reason why southerners wanted to leave the Union. They did not want new states and territories to be admitted into the Union.
How was the Confederacy government different from the Union government? In the Confederacy, each state was independent and able to govern itself.
Why didn't Tennessee decide to secede right away? Tennessee was a Border State, Tennesseans were divided over the issue of slavery.
What event led to Tennessee's secession from the Union? Tennessee seceded when Lincoln issued a call for 75,000 volunteers to help put down the southern rebellion.
Why did Lincoln declare war on the southern states? He viewed the South's secession as a rebellion of traitors who needed to be stopped.
Why did the southerners believe they would be able to win the Civil War? They were more familiar with the land where the battles would be fought.
Why did Lincoln want the Border States to side with the Union during the war? The Border States had almost as many factories as the entire South and provided access to the Ohio River.
How did Tennessee become even further divided after the state seceded from the Union? Tennesseans who did not want to secede broke away from the state to form their own separate nations.
Why were Angelina and Sarah Grimke so against slavery even though they grew up on a plantation? The Grimke sisters saw the horrors of slavery first hand.
Why was the book, Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe so instrumental in the abolitionist movement? Before the book many people of the North were unaware of the evils of slavery.
What advantages did the North have in the Civil War? The North had more men, more money, and more factories for making supplies.
What did Sojourner Truth and Frederick Douglass have in common? They were both abolitionists that escaped slavery.
Who were Johnny Reb and Billy Yank? They were fictional characters in a book that represented the North and the South.
Why did East Tennessee disagree about secession and what was the name of the state that tried to secede from Tennessee? East Tennessee didn't depend as strongly on slave labor, and the state called, "The Free and Independent State of Scott" tried to secede from Tennessee.