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American History

chapters 1-3

Vasco da Gama sailed to India using Dias's discovery What happen in Roanoke Island and what is it called? during the first trip, supplies were spoiled. Then it was hard to resupply goods because of the Indians and the sandy infertile soil made it hard to farm. When Sir Francis Drake found it, it was so bad that all left alive were sent back. 2nd= lost colony.
Americo Vespucci at least 2 voyages to the Caribbean and South America What are the two joint-stock companies? London and Plymouth Company
Francisco Coronado first European to see the Grand Canyon and he searched for the golden cities of Cibola but never found them. What is the starving time? the winter of 1609-1610 where there was a major famine in Jamestown. 60/600 survived.
John Cabot claimed Atlanta coast of North America for England. He reached Newfoundland in search of China. What were the two largest groups of non-English settlers in he colonies? Scotch-Irish and German
Ferdinand Magellan tried to reach the Spice Islands by sailing South around the Americas. He found the passage of Tierra del Fuego. He was killed in Philippines but his crew made it to the Spice Islands. what are some of the Native American foods that Europeans found? corn, beans, cacao, tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, peppers, and peanuts
Hernando Cortes First Great conquistador. His fleet reaches Mexico with strict orders to explore instead he tried to conquer What are some social gathering on the frontier? Barn raising, corn husking, quilting, clubs, worship services, bowling games, picnics, and trips
Ponce de Leon He was looking for slaves for Hispaniola. He charted the West coast of Florida. What are three deadly diseases that American colonists faced? smallpox, dysentery, and diphtheria
Hernando de Soto looking for riches. He started in Florida, then through Southeast and discovered Mississippi where he died. What is the significant of Columbus's crew? They weren't religious and were prisoners and servants
Philip II an ardent catholic bent on crushing the protestants in West Europe What is a charter? One governed by trade company which is authorized by the king
Frances Drake most famous Sea Dog What is a proprietor? Where the King appoints a proprietor/s who is responsible to he King
John Smith Saved Jamestown when in trouble and had the philosophy of, "If a man does not work, he cannot eat." What is a Royal Colony? one controlled directly by the crown
What is a separatist? People who want to separate from the church
What is a puritan? people who want to purify the church
What is the mayflower compact and it's significance? This bound the crew of the Mayflower before landing by agreeing upon a set of laws and duly elect leadership. It kept them unified and from seeking gold. It made them build shelters and hunt for food.
What was the first college in the New World? Harvard
Why was education important to puritans? it provided basic skills and the ability to read the Bible.
What are the middle colonies? New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware
What are the southern colonies? Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia
Marco Polo Italian merchant who brought detailed accounts of the history of land in Asia and China to Europeans. What is the first permanent settlement? Jamestown
Bartolomeu Dias Portugues man who sailed Southwest along the coast of Africa and rounded its cape naming it cape Good Hope. What are Sea Dogs? English naval force who plundered the Spanish Armada as it transported riches from the New World to England
Created by: AngryBirds12
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