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02 - Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia 6th grade

Mesopotamia was located on this continent Asia
Land that is good for growing crops is called Fertile
Fertile soil carried by a river (usually after a flood) is called silt
To move water irrigate
Mesopotamian writing cuneiform
Belief in many gods polytheism
Large 3 story building in the middle of each city-state ziggurat
This person helped the king & had to keep the gods happy priest
People who learned how to write were called scribes
A writing tool used by scribes stylus
Wrote the very first set of laws or rules Hammurabi
These people had the hardest life. They worked for free & had no rights Slaves
Most people earned a living by farming
The river located in western Mesopotamia Euphrates
The river located in eastern Mesopotamia Tigris
Modern day country for Mesopotamia Iraq
Long period of time without rain drought
This word means lands between two rivers Mesopotamia
This person was in charge of the government in Mesopotamia king
Place or region with a king that rules the people nearby but fights each other for land and power citystate
Source made in the time we are studying: ancient ziggurat primary
Source used many years later to learn: class website secondary
Helpful invention for farming; pulled by an animal plow
Invention that allowed for faster travel and trade on water sailboat
People today call this region the MiddleEast
A government that has a king or queen is called a monarchy
An extra supply surplus
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