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WVSOM - FA Oxidation

WVSOM -- Beta Oxidation and other FA oxidations

Oleate 18C DB 9
Linoleate 18C DB 9,12
Linolenate 18C DB 9,12,15
Arachinoale 20C DB 5,8,11,14
Which cells never use B Oxidation RBCs and Brain Cells
Where does B oxidation occur Mitochondria
B oxidation utilizes which kind of metabolism aerobic
Uncommon Fatty Acids Long chains with odd numbers of carbons
Common Fatty Acids Long Chain (even numbers) and mono- or polyunsaturated FA
Medium Fatty Acid chains 6-12 C
Short Fatty Acid Chains 4 carbons
Very Long Acid Chains more than 20 carbons
Triacylglycerol Lipolysis Tracylglycerol -> Diacylglycerol -> Monoacylglycerol -> Glycerol
Long chain fatty acid cross the plasma membrane via facilitated transport and diffusion
Fatty acids transported on what protein in plasma albumin
How is ATP expended in the cytosol during B Oxidation Fatty acids bound to acyl CoA molecules
Carnitine transports Fatty Acyl into mitochondria
What binds to FA as soon as it enters the mitochondria binds to another CoA
When does B Oxidation occur in a fast
What mitochondria do not perform B oxidation mitochondria in brain cells
major regulation of B oxidation Adipose (hormone sensitive) Lipase
B oxidation Starting materials Long Chain FA NAD+ FAD
B oxidation products Acetyl CoA NADH FADH2
How far are fatty acids cleaved during B oxidation until there are only Acetyl CoA Molecules
How many FADH2 and NADH produced in B oxidation 1 per each B oxidation
Propionyl- CoA 3 carbons
When is propionyl CoA Produced when Fatty acid chains have odd numbers
Where does Propionyl CoA enter the Kreb Cycle production of Succinyl CoA
FADH2 production from B oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids 1 less FADH2 per double bond
When are medium chain fatty acids B-oxidized as soon as they are absorbed from the gut
w-oxidation produces dicarboxylic acids
Where does w-oxidation occur opposite end of fatty acid chain that B oxidation occurs
Peroxisomal Oxidation oxidizes long, branched chains into fatty acyl-CoA that is then B oxidized
Peroxisomal and W-fatty acid oxidation regulation only by the supply of fatty acids they oxidize
Created by: tjamrose