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US History

Unit One

3 main regions Northern, mid-atlantic, southern
Subsistence farming, fishing, ship building Northern economy
Most religious diversity Mid-atlantic colonies
Why England wanted to expand into the 13 colonies Resources
Cash crops (tobacco and rice) Southern colonies
Natural harbors (area for trade) New England colonies
Servants who worked to come to colonies Indentured servants
Oats and grains Mid-atlantic colonies
Came to the colonies for religious freedom Pilgrims
"A city upon a hill" Massachusetts Bay Colony
Allowed freedom of worship to all Christian settlers Act of toleration
What did the south have to do as they expanded their cash crops? Purchase more slaves
An extremely big example of democracy in the MA Bay Colony area Town hall meetings
Rejected religious diversity Puritans
Belief that a gov't can make a country more prosperous by regulating trade Mercantilism
As slavery became a bigger deal in the south what happened to the social hierarchy? Became more defined
Who were politics dominated by? Wealthy men
Established idea of limited gov't Magna Carta
Mayflower Compact, House of Burgesses, and town meetings Led to self gov't
Made to keep the American colonies obedient to England Salutary neglect
Led to end of salutary neglect and for the colonists to pay more taxes French and Indian war
Response to Stamp Act Stamp Act Congress
Said they didnt think they should be taxed bc "No taxation w/o representation" Stamp Act Congress
Response to Boston Tea Party Intolerable Acts
Led to 1st Continental Congress Intolerable Acts
First fighting between Minute Men and the British Lexington and Concord
John Locke philosopher
Main principle of Dec. of Independence Gov't exists bc of the permission of the governed
Cornwallis surrendered Yorktown
What should people do if their gov't is not doing them right? Abolish or overthrow it
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