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Ch 3

The Colonies Take Root

What was the name of the English colony that vanished sometime after 1587? Roanoke
What word was found carved into a tree at the Roanoke colony? Croatoan
A document that grants rights to start a colony is called this? charter
The first permanent English colony in North America was? Jamestown
The first form of representative government established in Virginia was called? The House of Burgesses
What was the pact signed by 41 male Pilgrims on the Mayflower called? Mayflower Compact
This tough and strict leader of the Jamestown colony was injured and went back to England. His departure brought on the "starving time." John Smith
This chief was father to Pocahontas. What is his name? Powhatan
What is the name of the church started by King Henry VIII? Church of England
Thin, rocky soil, long winters, and mountains throughout describe this area of colonies. The New England Colonies
Who was the leader of the Puritans that left England for North America in 1630? John Winthrop
The Puritans would assemble and discuss local issues as a group. This early form of democracy is called what? town meeting
Indian Chief Metacom started a conflict with the English settlers in 1675. What was this conflict called? King Phillip's War
What nickname is given to the Middle Colonies? Breadbasket of America
Before it was called New York City, the Dutch called it? New Amsterdam
New York is named after who? James, the Duke of York
A colony created by a grant of land from a monarch to an individual or family is called a what? Proprietary colony
A colony controlled directly by an English king is called a what? Royal colony
Who was the Quaker leader that started Pennsylvania? William Penn
What was Penn's holy experiment? Allowing people of all faiths to live together in harmony.
This colony was once a part of Pennsylvania before it became a separate colony. Delaware
This colony was once a part of New York before it became a separate colony. New Jersey
Pennsylvania Dutch was a name given to what group of immigrants? The Germans (Deutsch)
These colonies are known for their swampy and lowland geography, hot and humid summers, long grow seasons, and a plantation system that relied on slave labor. What are they? The Southern Colonies
What do you call the system where voters elect people to make laws for them? representative government
This Native American helped the Pilgrims plant crops and catch eels. Who was it? Squanto
The English colonies of New York and New Jersey were originally these types of colonies. proprietary colonies
The Pilgrims who came to North America in 1620 were also known as what? Separatists
Which colony began as a Dutch settlement? New York
What is the best way to describe the climate of the southern colonies? warm and humid
What would you call a Spanish civilian town? pueblo
What was the name of a frontier leader who led a rebellion against Native Americans for their land so poor colonists could grow tobacco? Nathaniel Bacon
Bacon's Rebellion was named after what frontier leader? Nathaniel Bacon
What is the name of the oldest European settlement in North America? St. Augustine
The three major settlements in Northern Florida that slaves could escape to were centered around what type of structure? Forts (presidios)
Who was the founder of the colony of Georgia? James Oglethorpe
James Oglethorpe founded Georgia so who could live there without being persecuted? English debtors
The colonies were established by the British for these main reasons, what are they? Establish markets for English products and a source of raw materials for English industries.
What do we call the border line that separates the anti-slavery north from the pro-slavery south? Mason-Dixon Line
What was the main reason that the Spanish established missions? To convert the Indians to Christianity
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