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Unit 3


mercantilism economic system in which the purpose was to enrich the mother country by creating a favorable balance of trade that would increase supply of bullion (gold/silver)
Navigation Acts rules for colonial trade that were first passed in 1650
Old South society that was created by massive influx of slaves in early 1700s
Task System slave system in which slaves were give certain jobs to be completed in a day; after their jobs were done, they were allowed free time
Stono Rebellion most violent slave revolt in history of 13 colonies (1739)
Triangular trade part of mercantilist system; manufactured goods to Africa, slaves to Americas, raw materials to Europe
Middle Passage route in triangular trade that took slaves from Africa to Americas
subsistence farming farming to support a single family or small group; dominant in New England and southern colonies during colonial period
patriarchy male domination of society
"backcountry" term for area about 100 miles from coast; people generally clannish, violent, and prone to alcoholism
Paxton Boys vigilante group in central Pennsylvania that murdered 20 peaceful Conestoga Indians in response to Pontiac's Rebellion (1763)
"established church" church that was supported by a colony’s tax money (in colonies, both were Protestant)
Salem Witch Trials significant because they signaled the end of Puritan radicalism in New England
Great Awakening emotional religious revival during the 1730s and 1740s amongst ALL colonies
Jonathan Edwards his "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" started the Great Awakening
George Whitefield credited with spreading the ideas of the Great Awakening in colonies
Phyllis Wheatley freed slave who became first published black American poet; wrote about slavery
Pueblo Revolt revolt of Indians in the Spanish southwest colonies that was caused by Indian discontent with Christianity; crushed by Spanish brutality toward Indians
Middle Ground term for area between Lake Erie and Lake Huron that neither British nor French controlled
indentured servitude voluntary labor system in which people paid for their passage to the New World by working for an employer (who brought them over) for a certain amount of years
African chattel slavery in which the slave is the personal property of the slaveowner and can be sold and traded
Atlantic World term that refers to the interactions between the peoples and empires of the Atlantic Ocean rim starting in 1450; Triangular Trade took place here
Anglicization the process of adopting English culture in the American colonies
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