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Risk factor sexual contact with infected person parenteral exposure to infected blood by transfusion or needle sharing perinatal exposure asymptomatic for 10 yrs (blank) (blank)
systemic complaints fever and night sweats weight loss anorexia (blank) (blank) (blank)
Sinopulmonary disease pneumonia infections with mycobacterium tuberculosis interstitial infections ( due to kaposis sarcoma, non-hodgkins lymphoma) sinusitis (blank) (blank)
CNS diseases intracerebral space occupying leisions( taxoplasmosis, lymphoma, bacterial abscess, cryptococcomas, tuberculoma, nocardia leision, encephalopathy ( aids dementia complex) meningitis spinal chord problems ( leg weakness, incontinence, spastic parapareisis) (blank) (blank)
PNS problems sensory neuropathys mono or polyneuropathy (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
rhumatologic manifistations arthritis ( involving large joints) sicca syndrome psoriatic arthritis (blank) (blank) (blank)
myopathies proximal muscle weakness muscle tenderness (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
visual changes cytomegalovirus retinitis (eye herpes) cotton-wool spots retinal infections (blank) (blank) (blank)
oral leisions oral candidiasis hairy leukoplakia (epstein-barr) angular cheilitis ( candida infections) gingival disease aphthous ulcers (blank)
GIT manifistation candidal esophogitis hepatic disorder biliary tract disease ( acalculous cholecystisis, sclerosing cholangitis, papillary stenosis) enterocolitis ( bacteria, viruses, protozoa) (blank) (blank)
endocrinologic manifistation adrenal insufficiency high levels of tryodithorine T3 tryoxineT4 and tbg (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Skin manifistation vesicular eruptions ( herpes simplex and zoster) spreading leisions folliculitis, furuncles, bullus impetigo rashes in inguinal region sborrheric dermititis, psoriasis xerosis with sever pruritis, red and purple paulesaposi's sarcoma
gynecological manifistations vagina candidiasis cervical dysplasia cervical neoplasia pelvic inflammatory disease (blank) (blank)
HIV- related malignancys Kaposi's Sarcoma non-Hodgkins Lymphoma primary lymphoma of brain invasive cervical carcinoma (blank) (blank)
Diagnosis screening seralogic test- ELISA confirmatory test- Western Blot Molecular Biology technique- polymerase chain reaction core protein antigen determination (p24 antigen) Laboratory markers (absolute CD4 lymphocyte count, viral load test, beta-2 microglobulin determination (blank)
Treatment AZT and DDI Immune modulators and cytokines (interferon Beta and interleukin 2) granulocyte colony stimulating factor erythropoietin prophylaxis for opportunistic infections (blank)
prophylaxis for PCP (trymethoprim, aerosol penta, dapsone) myobacterium avium intracellular infection ( clarithromyacin, rifabutin) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
SIDE EFFECTS of AZD and Tx bone marrow supression , decrease in RBC results in anemia, decrease in wbc more sucessptible to infection and no platelet synthesis USE GMSF to increase WBC blood transfusion erythropoetin to cure anemia and stimulate RBC other SE include transiet mayalga- muscle pain that comes and goes, fatigue, and headach (blank)
EFFECTS of DDI pancreatitis - inflammation of pancreas( problems digesting fats) (vitamin adek defficient) peripheral neurop-parasthesia ( pins and needles) occurse 9 moths after using DDI (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Created by: natkat
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