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CH 15-20 7th Gr -SMS

CH 15-20 7th Gr - SMS

Leif Erikson son of Eric the Red
Norsemen another name for Vikings
Gutenberg he printed a book
Thorn a God, worshipped by the Vikings
Prince Henry Got to China by going around Africa
Snorri first white baby in America
Chinese he invented the compass
Thorin Kailsefni married to Gurid
Thorvald first white person killed
Vikings told stories about elves and trolls
ignorant people during the 15th Century couldn't read
Greek geographer whose inaccurately measured the size of the earth Ptomley
Genoa, Italy birthplace of Columbus
Marco Polo he wrote the books that taught Columbus about China; and reported thousands of islands off China
Columbus's 2nd trip was a failure because he didn't find... spices or gold
Zacuto scientist and mathematician from Portugal who charted the stars which helped sailors figure out latitude and predict eclipses of the sun and moon
Balboa established this the first European settlement
brought from the Old World to the New World cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, etc...
brought from the New World to the Old World Corn, Potatoes, tobacco, turkey, etc...
place where Columbus got marooned Jamaica
Seville port in Spain where Magellan left from
Moluccas Spice Islands
Pacific peaceful or peace-loving
Patagonians natives of South America
Pigafetta kept written record of Magellan's voyage
Tierra del fuego "Land of Fire" on the southern tip of South America
putrid something disgusting or rotten
Enrique first man to sail around the world
Columbus Cristobal Colon
King Ferdinand Ruler of Spain
Grand Kahn Ruler of Ancient China
Arrawaks language spoken by the Tainos Indians
Tainos friendly, generous, intelligent indians
Caribs vicious tribe that practice cannibalism
Louis de Santangel treasurer of Aragon, Spain
Palos Spanish port that Columbus left from
Canary Islands where Columbus and his crew first stopped for supplies
Sargasso Sea large area of thick green seaweed
Colba large caribbean island with gold (now Cuba)
San Salvador Spanish Holy Savior & island named by Columbus
astrolabe navigational instrument used to find latitude
tierra spanish word for land
mutiny revolt or rebellion on board a ship
Bahamas place where America was first sighted from
rigging the ropes on the sail of a ship
Balboa Spanish explorer who married the daughter of Comaco
Created by: SimardRR