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Word Roots

Word roots pg. 1&2

para beside
acou hear
dog/dox opinion,phrase
meter measure
ortho straight,right
-ic like, related to
-ma something done
-ology study of, science
an not, without
aeth/esth feeling, perception, sensation
-esia action, process
-ete one who
-ist one who
paradox a statement, situation, etc. that seems absurd or contradictory, but is or may be true
acoustic related to hearing or sound as it is heard
dogma something held as an established opinion
acoumeter a instrument which measures the acuteness of hearing
doxology a liturgical formula of praise to God
orthodox adhering to what is commonly accepted
anesthesia medically induced insensitivity to pain
anesthetic a drug that causes temporary loss of bodily sensation
esthesiometer an instrument used to measure tactile sensitivity
aesthete one who has or affects artistic perception or appreciation of beauty
anesthesiologist a doctor who specializes in administer drugs to prevent or relieve pain during surgery
aesthetic relating to the enjoyment of beauty
Created by: 87ChaHen