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Native Americans

Green 7 Review for Test on Native Americans

Beringia connects ______ to ____________ Asia, North America
What is the name of the land bridge that the first Americans crossed? Beringia
Why did the first Americans cross the land bridge? They were following the animals.
Archaeology the study of evidence left by early people
What types of evidence do archaeologists study? bones, tools, pottery, jewelry, weapons, carvings, baskets, etc.
Culture the way people live (their homes, language, music, religion, foods, clothing, government, family structure, etc.)
Best Known Moundbuilders The Hopewells and the Mississippians
Why did Moundbuilders build mounds? Burials and Religious ceremonies
Location of the Moundbuilders Between the Appalachian Mountains and Mississippi River and Wisconsin to Florida
irrigation bringing water to dry lands
adobe sun dried brick
Lived in the Far North, build their homes in pits, wore seal skin books and fur Inuits
Potlatch ceremonial dinner to show off wealth. The family would invite many guests and give them gifts. The more they gave away, the more respect they earned
What type of home did the Iroquois live in? long house
Why did the Iroquois live in homes made of wood? They used the resources they had around them.
Why did Native Americans of the Great Plains live in tepees? They were hunters and needed portable shelter to follow the animals
The Iroquois Nations Cayuga, Onondaga, Seneca, Mohawk, Oneida
League of Iroquois alliance of Iroquois created to solve problems and settle disputes among the nations
What was the capital of the Aztec empire? Tenochtitlan
What god did the Aztecs believe strongly in? What did they do to please the god? The Sun God, human sacrifices
Where did the Incas live? South America
What did the Incas do to be able to farm? built terraces in the Andes Mountains
Why can't we be completely sure when the first Americans came to North America? They left no written records
Social Classes of the Natchez Great Sun, Little Suns, Nobles, Honored People, Stinkards
Created by: mrdowling24