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1 CA AKS 31,32,33,34

Europe: Political, physical, environment, location, climate, nat.res., Lang, Rel

What does vast coastline mean? huge shoreline (where the ocean meets the sand)
Where do the majority of Russian's live? Most of Russia's population is concentrated in the western cities on the European side.
Which country has very cold temperatures and permafrost? UK, Germany or Russia? Russia
What is tundra Treeless plain where grasses and mosses grow
What is permafrost Permanently frozen soil that only thaws for 3 months during the summer
What is the Gulf Stream An ocean current that moves warm water along the coast of North America. It crosses the Atlantic Ocean and warms the UK.
What is Russia's largest industry? oil
What countries are part of the Iberian Peninsula? Portugal and Spain
Why is it difficult for Russia to take advantage of its natural resources? Many natural resources like oil and mineral wealth are in the Siberian side of Russia which is COLD!
Make a statement that compares the UK's climate with Russia's climate. The climate in the UK is more uniform (unchanging), but Russia has extreme climate in the northern parts.
Why does Russia depend on railroads? Russia's seaports are frozen during the year, so railroads are used.
How does acid rain affect Germany? it destroys trees and forest (the Black Forest)
Which country is found on 2 continents? UK, Germany or Russia? Russia
If a country doesn't grow a certain fruit, why must they import that item from another country? the fruit is SCARCE (not many) therefore, the fruit must be imported.
What boundary is created by the URAL MOUNTAINS? the boundary between EUROPE & ASIA
On which peninsula is Spain located? Iberian
Which country is affected because of the UK's air pollution? Germany's acid rain
What was Chernobyl, Ukraine's environmental issue? A nuclear reactor (triggered by a failed safety test) exploded. Killing at last 30 people within three months of the blast and thousands more are believed to have suffered the effects of radiation.
Why was Chernobyl, Ukraine's nuclear disaster so horrible for other countries? The wind patterns swept nuclear dust/fallout across 1,000 of miles. The World Nuclear Association estimates at least five
What are the 3 language groups found in Europe? Romance, Germanic, Slavic
What are 4 different Romance languages? Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French
What are 2 different Germanic Languages? German, English, Dutch, Norwegian
What are 2 different Slavic languages? Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Polish
What does native mean? a person born in a specific place synonym: indigenous
What language do most native European speakers speak? Germanic language group
Which religion has the largest number of worshipers? Christianity
Which religion is the largest growing? Islam
Eastern Orthodox Christians have a strong support from which countries? Russia and Greece
Who is the founder of Judaism? Abraham
Who is the founder of Christianity? Jesus
Who is the founder of Islam? Muhammad
What is the Sacred Text of the Jews? the Torah
What is the Place of Worship for Islamic people? Mosque
What are followers of Islam called? Muslims
Created by: ssha13
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