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Am History ch 5

Am History ch 5 Christ in the Americas text part II

Who led the Jesuits in 1625 when they first arrived in New France? Jean de Brebeuf
What was the nickname of Jean de Brebeuf, given by the Indians? Echon---the bear
To be able to convert the INdians, what did Brebeuf do? moved in with them to learn their customs, language, beliefs, etc.
An epidemic struck the Hurons in the year,,, 1637
How successful were the missionaries amoung the Hurons? not very, at first, but after several martyrdoms, they made better progress.
What tribe was a bitter enemy of the Hurons and the Jesuits? Iroquois
What were the Jesuits called by the Indians? Blackrobes
In 1636 _______ went to live with the Hurons. Fr.Isaac Jogues
Who was nicknamed "Ondessonk"? Fr. Isaac Jogues
What does "Ondessonk" mean? Bird of Prey
Fr. Jogues was captured by the____ Iroquois
When he was seen at a ____trading post, Fr. Jogues was encouraged to escape. Dutch
Fr. Jogues had a special dispensation to say Mass because he was missing his _____due to torture. thumbs
Fr. Jogues was returned to Europe, where his fellow Jesuits thought he.... was dead, and were venerating him as a martyr.
In 1646 Fr. Jogues was captured by the _____, a branch of the Iroquois. Mohawk
How did Fr. Jogues and his companions die? tomahawked to death by the Mohawks in New York.
Altogether, ___men of New France suffered Martyrdom at the hands of the Indians. 8
Father Lalemant was a companion and fellow martyr of ... Fr. Brebeuf
Father Noel Chabanel was killed by... an apostate Huron, who admitted that he hated Christianity
What happened to the brave that martyred Fr. Jogues? He was baptized and took that name as his.
The first native American to be beatified and canonized... St, Kateri Tekawitha, an Iroquois maiden
A widow who had raised a son and was now Mother Marie of the Incarnation, an Ursuline num... Marie Guyard
Where did Mother Marie set up her school for Indian girls? Quebec
What happened to Mother Marie's convent-school in 1650? It burned down and was rebuilt 4 years later.
What Marie did for Quebec, ___ did for Montreal. Marguerite Bourgeoys
Who were "King's girls"? usually orphans or from large, poor families who came at the expense of France to be married to the settlers in New France.
Marguerite's teachers formed a religious community called... Congregation of Notre Dame (OUr Lady)
The first bishop of New France was... Blessed Francis Xavier de Laval
What 4 things did Laval set up in Quebec to make it a Catholic society? 1. a seminary2. a high school3. a technical school4. an agricultural school
Bishop Laval's reply when asked for his last words: "They were saints. I am a sinner"
Bishop Laval served Quebec for __ years. nearly 50
BAptized the Iroquois chief Garaktontic in the cathedral at Quebec... Bishop Laval
Wise and far-seeing governor of New France (1672-82) who encouraged explorations. Count Louis de Frontenac
Count Louis de Frontenac appointed ___ to explore the unknown water routes beyond Lake Michigan Louis Joliet
Accompanied Louis Joliet on his explorations. Fr. Marquette
On June 17, 1673, Joliet and Marquette entered onto the _____ ____ Mississippi River, called the Great River.
what was sagamite? ground corn boiled into a porridge
What happened when Joliet and Marquette reached the point on the Mississippi River where the Arkansas River empties into it? they debated whether to continue, and finally decided to turn back.
Why did Joliet and Marquette decide not to continue down the Mississippi River? 1. It clearly went south and not west as they wanted.'2. They didn't want to run into the Spanish who were enemies.
Fr. Marquette died in 1675 on the site that would become the city of .... Chicago, IL
A hot-tempered young man who could have been commander of Ft. Frontenac, but listened to the tales of Joliet and wanted to explore the Mississippi River instead. Robert Cavalier de la Salle
Name of La Salle's small ship that explored the Great Lakes. the Griffin
Poisoned twice by men who didn't like him. de la Salle
Jesuit priest who traveled with la Salle Fr. Hennepin
In 1682, he reached the mouth of the Mississippi River. de la Salle
The Mississippi River Valley was  named ____ after the French king ______ LouisianaLouis XVI
What happened to the Griffin, the ship of la Salle? It sunk with all furs aboard.
Spread stories giving himself credit for the discoveries of La Salle... Fr. Hennepin
On a journey up the Mississippi River, Fr. Hennepin discovered St. Anthony's Falls, which is now the site of________ _____ Minneapolis, Minnesota
What happened to La Salle's 400 colonists they established the colony at the wrong site (In Texas, as the river mouth couldn't be found) They died from sickness and  starvation, and later were wiped out by Indians.
The man La Salle had left in charge of his fort... Tonty
French city founded in 1718 and still a big city in the USA with a French character. New Orleans
In 1699 a French colony was established at... Biloxi, MS
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