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History chapter 1

What is the third largest continent? North America
Name the highest peak in North America? Mt. McKinley
What is the largest bay? Hudson Bay
Name the world's largest gulf. Gulf of Mexico
Who are the most famous Indians who lived in Mexico? The Aztecs
Who were the most famous South American Indians? The Incas
What were the Indians of Central America called? Mayas
I was one of America's greatest athletes. Who am I? Jim Thorpe
I was " America's Greatest Storyteller". Who am I? Will Rogers
What is the record of what has happened called? History
North America, South America, and the many islands rising up out of the Caribbean sea are all apart of what? the New World
what is a movement of a group of people or animals from one place to another called? migration
The narrow body of water that links the Arctic Ocean to the Pacific's Bering Sea and separates Russia from Alaska is called? Bering Strait
A setting in which certain types of plants and animals thrive is a what? habitat
What is a narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water called? strait
a unique way of life for people is also called their what? culture
North America's Largest River? Mississippi River
The World's largest Island? Greenland
What is Greenland covered in? Ice
a narrow bridge of land that connects North America to South America is? Central America
Columbus call the land he discovered the Indies because? He thought it was part of the Indies islands of Asia.
What is one of the driest places on earth? Atacama Desert
The southern most point in the Americas is? Cape Horn
What is the Study of the Earth? Geography
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