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ss info quiz 2015

wednesday aug 19th

what do you need for class everyday (8) ss book , ss binder , planner , lined notebook paper, hw that is due, pencil, red pen, highlighter
what is section one in your binder labeled information
what is section 2 of your binder labeled chapter work
what is section 3 of your binder labeled journal enteries
what is section 4 of your binder labeled writing
what is section 5 of your binder labeled projects
when are assignments due assignment are due on time!
what happens when a student does not turn in an assignment on time? the student recieves a zero for that assignements
what happens if you are gone for a day and there is a long term assignment taking place the long term assignment is not delayed for short term absences
what do you do if you have missed a day? you can find out what you have missed by finding your make up work sheet. all you need to know will be listed on that sheet. remember you get one day to turn in that work and hw can count up to 40-50% of your grade
how will grades be worked out grades will be figured on a total point basis
name classroom expectations show respect to all, follow directions the 1st time, bring ALL materials to class, be in seats at beginning of class multiple tardies will be a result in lunch detentions, stay in seats until dismissed
consequences 1. warning 2. talk with teacher and fill out "my action plan" 3. call parents and discuss behavior 4. conference with parents and student 5. referal to office for disciplinary action some things can be skipped
what to tasks will you need to complete at the begining of the period 1. word of the day (friday sentence) 2. and filling out the planner
assignement policy late work is not will recieve a zero
where do assignments go when done by the window there are shelves, find your grade and class period and put your work there
where do absent assignments go? shelves by the window that say absent on them
fire drill out the door down the hall and exit the doors in the middle at the end of the wing. STAY QUIET
tornado drill exit the room and go to the multipurpose room. line the walls and get in tornado position. STAY QUIET
how should you treat a substistute teacher treat ALL with even more respect
what should you always say to teachers and classmates respect them...and they will respect you please and thank you
when casn extra credit be done any time throughout the 9 weeks
how many points can you earn from extra credit each 9 weeks 2% points
timeline extra credit choose an event that occurred during the chapter that we study describe be creative will go on the wall 3 pts
current event bulletin board you may complete up to three each nine weeks same format as regular current event format. all need to be over different areas not just the US 4 pts
projects (extra credit) can be assigned that correspond with the unit. complete it and get 2% points
Created by: drezdan22
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