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Unit 2


vice-royalties subdivisions of Spanish empire in Americas; further divided into audencias
encomienda system Spanish labor system in which landlord was permitted to exploit labor of Indians of his encomienda; led to abuse/killing off of Indians and switch to African slaves
Northwest Passage a northwest route through Americas to Asia
Samuel de Champlain made 11 voyages to Americas for France; established Quebec in 1608 on St. Lawrence River
Henry Hudson Englishman who explored present-day NYC area in 1609 for the Dutch (Hudson River)
New Amsterdam Dutch colony on Manhattan Island founded in 1626; later became New York when British took over
Virginia Company English joint stock company chartered to colonize North America between 34th and 45th parallels
House of Burgesses 1st legislative body in the colonies (Virginia)
Head-right system system in which colonists received 50 acres of land for each person whose passage to Virginia he financed
Maryland sole proprietorship colony founded as a refuge for persecuted English Catholics
Virginia joint stock colony founded both as a source of profit and (to a lesser extent) as place for persecuted English Protestants
Act of Toleration of 1649 granted freedom of worship to all Christians in Maryland (but not Jews); example of early religious toleration
Chesapeake region area around Chesapeake Bay, including colonies of Virginia and Maryland
Bacon's Rebellion rebellion in Virginia of backcountry farmers against "tidewater elite" of coastal regions; backcountry farmers wanted more political/economic power and more protection from Indian attacks (1676)
Plymouth New England colony founded by Puritans (Separatists) seeking freedom from religious persecution in England
Roger Williams founded Providence colony (later combined with Portsmouth to form Rhode Island)
Anne Hutchinson founded Portsmouth colony (later combined with Providence to form Rhode Island)
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut 1st constitution in colonies
Half-Way Covenant created to address the problem of too many 2nd generation Puritans drifting away from the church’s influence (secularization of New England society)
Restoration colonies proprietary colonies founded during English Restoration period
William Penn Quaker founder of Pennsylvania who was tolerant of Indians and other faiths (including Jews)
James Oglethorpe proprietor of Georgia colony, which was founded as buffer between English and Spanish (in Florida) and as place to relieve overcrowding of debtor prisons
coureurs de bois French fur traders who often exploited Indians in Americas
Jesuits Catholic missionaries in Americas; often followed French and Spanish settlers
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