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Settling in the West

Vocabulary due 8/18

Vigilance committee People who volunteered to track down and punish wrongdoers of law and order.
Hydraulic mining Miners remove big loads of earth by spraying high pressured water on the hill/mountain to expose the minerals.
Open range The federal government owned big areas of grassland where ranchers could graze their herds for free for an unlimited period of time.
Hacienda Big ranch covering thousands of acres owned by the landholding elite that dominated the society that had taken over after the collapse of the Spanish mission system in CA, early 1800s.
Barrios Spanish-speaking neighborhoods where Hispanics had settled.
Homestead An act passed by the government to give settlers 160 acres free land if they would live there for 5 years and make improvements in that time.
Dry farming A new farming technique where farmers planted the seeds deep in the ground so they would get moisture to grow.
Sodbuster A name for farmers in the Great Plains.
Bonanza farm Huge wheat farms that gave big profits, often owned by big companies.
Nomad A person who is constantly moving to a new place, often to find food.
Annuity Money that is regularly paid by contract.
Assimilate To absorb and eventually adopt another's culture
Allotment A part of land that is assigned to someone for specific use.
Created by: LotteBenschop