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Ch 2

Age of Exploration

What year did Columbus land in the West Indies thinking he had reached India? 1492
Who were the king and queen of Spain that funded Columbus' voyage? Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand
Name the country that supported Christopher Columbus' voyages. Spain
What is the definition of a strait? a narrow passage that connects two large bodies of water.
What does circumnavigate mean? to travel around (Earth)
Name three diseases carried into the Americas from Europe. smallpox, chickenpox, and measles
Name the first European to see the Pacific Ocean. Vasco Nunez de Balboa
The Strait of Magellan is named after the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. In 1522 what was his crew the first to do? circumnavigate the globe
What was the name of the Aztec leader who offered gold to Cortez for him to leave, but instead was taken prisoner? Montezuma
Tenochititlan, the Aztec capitol, was conquered and destroyed by Cortez. In its place he built this modern day city over it. What is the name of the city? Mexico City
A large farm is also called what? plantation
What is the economic system called that places the existence of the colonies as responsible for the home country to benefit in wealth and power? mercantilism
What was the Spanish Armada? a powerful fleet of sailing ships
What are the three G's? gold, God, and glory
Louis the XIV was king to what country? France
500 years before Columbus had "discovered" the New World, who made landfall in North America? Vikings
Name the "hoped-for" sea route from the Atlantic to the Pacific that would pass through or around North America. Northwest Passage
North and South America get their name from this explorer. Amerigo Vespucci
Before it was named New York, it was called what? New Amsterdam
The state of Louisiana is named after this French King. Louis XIV
What was the split between Catholics and Protestants called? Protestant Reformation
This English explorer has a river and a bay in north America named after him. Henry Hudson
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