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Foy Geo/Native

What are the Native American culture areas? Far North, Pacific Coast, California, West, Southwest, Great Plains, and East
What country is north of the United States? Canada
What country is south of the United States? Mexico
What climate would you find in the Great Basin of the Southwest? semi-arid
How does the United States rank by world size and world population? third in both size and population
What group built large burial mounds to honor the dead? Hopewell
What two places did the Bering Land Bridge cross? Northeastern Asia to present-day Alaska
Why did westward expansion slow after settlers crossed the Great Plains? They came upon the Rocky Mountains
What climate would you find on the West Coast and in the Northeast? temperate
What group built hundreds of mounds topped with temples for religious ceremonies? Mississippian
Which of the following places did Paleo-Indians migrate into? present-day Canada, United States, Mexico and South America
Who did Great Plains Indians trace their ancestry through? mothers
What climate would you find in Hawaii and Florida? tropical
What continent is the United States located on? North America
What climate would you find in the Great Plains? semi-arid
Why did the Iroquois form the Iroquois League? to strengthen themselves during war against non-Iroquois tribes
In what house would someone from the Great Plains dwell? teepee
What river is the largest river in North America? Mississippi
What group in the Southwest grew maize, beans, and squash? Anasazi
What did North America’s earliest people learn to do around 5,000 B.C., which would change the way they lived? farm
What influenced the development of Native American societies after the Ice Age ended? changing environments
What climate would you find in Alaska? polar
What are the five geographic regions in the U.S.? Western Mountains and Basins, Great Plains, Central Lowlands, Appalachian Mountains, Atlantic Coastal Plain
What two U.S. states are not located on the mainland? Alaska and Hawaii
What do researchers use culture areas for? to help them describe the way of life of Native American people
What physical feature was the greatest obstacle for settlers intent upon moving westward? Appalachian Mountains
What climate would you find in the Southeast? subtropical
If you were a hunter-gatherer, what type of food would you eat? animals and wild plants
What did Native Americans in the Northwest carve into totem poles? ancestor or animal spirits
In what culture area are the Inuit and Aleut located in? Arctic
In what culture area are the Dogrib and Montagnais located in? Subarctic
In what culture area are the Hupa, Miwok, and Yukots located in? California
In what culture area are Apache, Navajo, and Pubelo located in? Southwest
In what culture area are the Pawnee, Arapaho, Blackfoot, and Comanche located in? Great Plains
In what culture area are the Cherokee and Creek located in? Southeast
In what culture area are the Algonquian and Iroquois located in? Northeast
Created by: lfoy8290