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Chapter 2

Early American Exploration

mission religious communities that usually included a small town, surrounding farm land, and church.
plantation a large estate.
mercantilism economic theory that a nation's power was based on its wealth.
Columbian Exchange the exchange of plants, animals, and diseases among the Americas and Europe, Asia, and Africa.
Northwest Passage a direct water route through the Americas to Asia that was never found.
conquistadors Spanish explorers
pueblo a spanish towns that were centers of trade.
encomienda the right to demand taxes and labor from Native Americans.
Montezuma Aztec Emperor
Hernan Cortes Spanish explorer that conquered the Aztecs
tribute money or items paid for protection
Athualpa Inca Emperor
Francisco Pizarro Spanish explorer that conquered the Inca
Juan Ponce de Leon first Spanish to land on the mainland of North America in what is present day Florida
Bartolome de Las Casa Spanish priest that condemned the cruel treatment of Native Americans.
peninsulares upper class people who had been born in Spain
mestizos people with Spanish and Native American parents
creoles people born in America to Spanish parents
Native Americans people who were native to the Americas
enslaved Africans people who were from Africa that were enslaved for labor in the Americas
Hernando de Soto first Spanish explorer to cross the Mississippi River.
John Calvin a french religious thinker that broke away from the Catholic Church
Protestant Reformation great religious and historical movement away from the Catholic Church
Martin Luther German priest that began the Protestant Reformation
Henry Hudson English Sailor that discovered Hudson Bay under the flag of the Netherlands
Samuel de Champlain French explorer that established a settlement in Quebec and discovered Lake Champlain
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