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SS Chap 3

Age of Exploration

merchant (noun) a person who buys and sells goods to earn money synonym: trader
kingdom (noun) -dom short for domain or "kings domain" a place ruled by a king or queen
caravan (noun) a group of people and animals who travel together
Main Idea Lesson 1 : Trade between Europe and Asia spread new ideas. What does this mean?
Who was Marco Polo? a merchant from Venice who traveled to China in 1271 took 3 years---stayed 17 years worked for Kublai Kahn/Chinese ruler
What inventions did Marco Polo see in China? paper, printing, and gunpowder
What was the silk road and why was it important? name for several trade routes that connected China to Europe! Merchants traveled on these routes to buy silk, spices and other goods.
Where did Admiral Zheng He and his crew sail and why? Why did the Chinese stop exploring? throughout Southeast Asia and all the way to Africa's east coast... to impress other countries with China's power/trading silk and gold. STOPPED>>> a new ruler did not want the Chinese exploring!!
Main Idea Lesson 1: People in West Africa gained wealth and knowledge through trade. Meaning?
Why did people trade gold for salt and HOW? Was it dangerous? not enough salt to keep food from spoiling...traded using merchants in large caravans to bring the salt to Kingdoms like GHANA! VERY DANGEROUS! Had to cross the SAHARA.
In what kingdom was the city of Timbuktu located and why is this city important? Mali...it became an important city for trade and was also known as a center for ART!
Who was Mansa Musa? a Muslim ruler who was Mali's greatest king
What affect did trade have on Ghana's culture? Many people in Ghana became Muslims.
Main Idea Lesson 2: New learning spread through Europe leading to better tools for sailors and explorers. Meaning?
technology use of scientific knowledge and tools to do things better and more rapidly
navigation science of planning and controlling the direction of the ship
astrolabe a tool that measures the height of the sun or a star above the horizon...used to measure size of continents
What was the Renaissance? during the 1300's--1400's when rebirth of learning took place
How did technology change Europe? --printing press-- many copies of books/ideas spread fast --astrolabe--learned to use from Africans --compass--instrument with magnetic needle that points NORTH/no need to use sun or stars!!!
What Chinese invention helped sailors? gunpowder-- because it was used as a weapon (canons)
2 ways inventions helped Europeans during the Renaissance 1. helped all sailors to find their way easier 2. could protect themselves better
Main Idea--Portuguese were the 1st Europeans to find a sea route to Asia Meaning!!
profit the $ a business has left over after all of its expenses have been paid
slavery people are bought/sold and made to work without pay
Why did Europe want a Sea Route? for faster trading of goods...therefore more PROFIT!!
Prince Henry 1. from Portugal 2. created a school for navigation/to share knowledge/encourage exploration... called Sagres 3.NEW!!! caravel ship-- small and light sails, good for exploring, and could sail into wind
Diaz 1.1487 accidentally sailed around tip of Africa 2.called it the Cape of Good Hope 3.PROVED-- you could sail around Africa 4.took Africans as slaves
Vasco da Gama 1. from Portugal 2. 1498 led 1st voyage to reach Indian port!!!
Why are these two explorers so important? proved you could sail from Portugal to India!!!!
lesson 3 Main Idea: Christopher sailed to the West and reached the West Indies, trying to reach Asia Meaning?
Christopher Columbus 1492 1. Italian sailed West to try and reach Asia 2. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella paid for trip 3. WHY? to find gold and spices to help pay for war debt 4. SPREAD Roman CATHOLICISM!!!
Columbus's voyage 1. Aug--Sept... had supplies for a year 2. 90 men , 3 ships, Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria 3. 1st land in Caribbean Sea -- Bahamas
Who were the Taino? native islanders Taino means "good"
Main Idea lesson 3 Columbus carried new plants and animals between East and West Hemisphere -- Meaning?
settlement a small community of people living in a new place
epidemic an outbreak of a disease that spreads fast and affects many
circumnavigate to sail completely around something
Columbian Exchange GOOD 17 ships came back to Hispaniola settlers bring -- horse, cows, pigs, banana, coffee, sugar Europeans get corn, peanuts, POTATOES, cacao BAD cut down rain forest native plants destroyed DISEASE
Know MAP pg 99
Main Idea Explorers continued to sail to America to search for new routes Meaning?
Pedro Alvarez Cabral 1500 explored eastern South America for Portugal
Amerigo Vespucci 1500 many voyages to South America and Caribbean (Italian)
Vasco Nunez de Balboa 1513 (Spain) sailed to Panama and Central America crossed jungles to reach/SEE the PACIFIC!!
Magellan 1613 sailed for Spain, 5 ships 1st to CIRCUMNAVIGATE the World WHY? to cross the Pacific and reach Spain tough/ disease/ death/ 1 ship survives died in battle-- men bring ship home!!
Created by: Team 5th