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Chapter 3 flash card

Louisiana Purchase President Thomas Jefferson purchased this land from France. Doubled size of US which helped Manifest Destiny-movement westward water route-farmers ship products to market via Missippi River
Andrew Jackson ruled as a king abuse of power spoil system - gave government jobs to his friends moved Native Americans west of the Mississippi River against the direction of the Supreme Court
Susan B Anthony Elizabeth Cady Stanton fought for women's rights petitioned the government for changes that would give women their rights Discrimination based on gender
abolitionist wanted to end slavery helped slaves escape to the North using the underground railroad
Worcester v Georgia (President Andrew Jackson v Supreme Court) removal of Native Americans Supreme Court said Native Americans were a separate political community & we did not have the right to move them off their land Jackson went against the court and moved the Nativeswest of the Mississippi
Abigail Adams wife of John Adams wanted women to have equal rights voting/owning land
Lewis and Clark explored the Louisiana Purchase showed transcontinental travel was possible settlers used covered wagons to travel into the new territory
1820-1860 major disagreement over slavery sectionalism leads to the Civil War
Northern Slavery did not last in the north because it was not profitable to keep slaves different climates - different economy
Marbury v Madison Judicial Review Supreme Court case proved the Supreme Court had the right to declare federal laws unconstitutional
Monroe Doctrine avoid involvement in Europe European powers could not have colonies in Latin America including the Caribbean
Erie Canal linked the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean Buffalo to New York City used for trade which lowered the cost of shipping
Declaration of Sentiments list of grievances to the Federal Government written at the Seneca Falls Convention stated that all men & women were created equal women wanted the right to vote
spoil system President Jackson rewarded his loyal supporters by giving them government jobs many were not qualified for these jobs Jackson believed this would give the common man a chance to participate in government
Washington's Farwell Address stated that the United States should not get involved in European affairs avoid permanent alliances Presidents Jefferson and Monroe agreed
Oregon Trail people traveled by covered wagon the route found by Lewis and Clark
moving west expansion issue of slavery shifting of the frontier
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