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Regents Review

flash cards for Regents US Review

Great Plains Flat, grassy region of the US between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains. Known as the bread basket of US
The Great Compromise settled the issue of representation in Congress 2 Senators for every state House of Representatives based on population
Mayflower Compact Pilgrims government -representative government self rule town meetings
Virginia House of Burgesses First representative government group in the American colonies. Two houses like Parliament self government
Federalists supported the Constitution strong federal/central government
George Washington's Farewell Address United States should stay neutral stay out of European affairs focus on trade/commerce
Checks and balances To make sure the three branches of government stay within their power each branch can check what the other two are doing.
Judicial review Supreme Court had the power to declare laws unconstitutional
Monroe Doctrine US policy of keeping European nations from involvement in Western Hemisphere. United States became involved with Latin American countries
Manifest Destiny Expanding the United States from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast. Examples - Louisiana Purchase, annexation of Texas,Homestead Act,Transcontinental Railroad
National Census Taken every 10 years to count the number of people living in each state - which gives you the House of Representatives each state has
Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle to show the disgusting conditions in the meatpacking industry Federal government made laws for the meat packing and other food and drugs
Theodore Roosevelt President trust buster- end monopolies conservationists
Louisiana Purchase President Thomas Jefferson purchased from France. Doubled the size of the US which helped Manifest Destiny.
Cold War/ Cuba US and Soviet Union competing to be the biggest Super Power Cuba - Castro - communist
Civil War war between the North and South in United States - states rights President Lincoln - preservation of the Union - "A house divided cannot stand".
Great Compromise compromise on setting up Congress bicameral legislature - two houses Senate -all states would have 2 representatives House of Representatives - based on population
collective bargaining labor unions could negotiate labor issues with management - better pay, sick days, health insurance…….. result of the Wagner Act
muckrakers journalists, writers, artists, photographers that exposed corruption in industry, cities, and government
Roosevelt Corollary "Big Stick" the Monroe Doctrine requires that the US step in and act as an international police power in the Western Hemisphere to keep European powers from trying to create more colonies.
Marshall Court strengthen Federal/National government created national unity interpret federal laws Judicial Review reversals of prev
Progressive Party Progressive Era wanted to correct abuse in American Society politically and economically helped the poor worked in big cities
The Great Depression caused by overproduction and under consumptions overexpansion of credit - buying goods on credit stock market crash
President Hoover believed in rugged individualism trickle down - gave money to business in hopes it would help keep peoples jobs wanted communities to h
Marshall Plan economic aid to help strengthen Western Europe and rebuild after war This helped countries stay democratic and not be taken over by communism
Détente diplomacy an easing of tensions between the US and USSR Nuclear Test Ban and SALT treaties were signed between the two nations
Ronald Reagan President believed in supply side economics reduce the size of fed government high trade and high federal budget deficits
Berlin Airlift US, Great Britain, and France would airlift food, clothing, coal, medicine, and other necessities to Berlin because the Soviet Union had blocked the access to Berlin by road and the people were suffering
Lewis and Clark explored the Louisiana Purchase
Franklin D Roosevelt New Deal - recovery during Depression. Relief, recovery, reform - took over bands to restore economy. Immediate relief. served more than 2 terms as president - new amendment limited future presidents to a maximum of two terms
Great Society President Lyndon B Johnson wanted to end poverty in the US by creating social welfare programs
suburbs use of automobile and highways made it possible to move out of the cities - American dream - more land
Articles of Confederation States has most of the power Congress had the power to tax, but not to collect the tax Federal gov't could not enforce laws No federal judicial branch
Mercantilism An economic system where the mother country took raw materials from the colonies and limited what the colony could make so they would have to buy from the mother country
Federalism government with a strong central and weaker state government some power were shared with the states and central
Common Sense written by Thomas Paine Encourage American colonist to proclaim their independence from England.
Electoral College These are the people who actually vote for the President. - sometimes a president can win the election without winning the popular vote
spoils system Government officials giving jobs to your friends/supporters instead of people that are qualified for the job. This is why we now have Civil Service tests for government jobs
Civil Service Test/Jobs test given so the most qualified people are hired for jobs.
unwritten constitution Powers not stated specifically in the constitution. Example the presidents cabinet, political parties
the elastic clause Gives Congress the power to stretch it's powers written in the Constitution to meet the changes in society. For example - creating the Air Force
Declaration of Sentiments Document written at the Seneca Falls Convention demanding greater rights for women including the vote. The used the Declaration of Independence as the model for this document.
Compromise of 1850 California was a free state Popular sovereignty -citizens would vote on whether slavery would be allowed in the new states/territories
Kansas-Nebraska Act Citizens would vote for or against slavery in Kansas and Nebraska there were riots between proslavery people and abolitionist -anti slavery people
Social Darwinism survival of the fittest/strongest unrestrained competition laissez-faire
Lincoln Elected President Southern states were afraid he would end slavery so they seceded from the union. Seceded means left the United States of America and started their own country.
Sherman Antitrust Act law in 1890 to prevent creation of monopolies they wanted to keep competition among businesses to help the public have fair prices
Immigration late 1800's we need immigrants to fill jobs in the factories-unskilled labor new immigrants - southern and eastern Europe old immigrants - northern and western Europe
Plessey v Ferguson Supreme Court case that said separation of races was legal "separate but equal"
Dawes Act Americanize Native Americans by giving them land to live like the "white people" assimilation
Jacob Riis muckraker - photographer wrote How the Other Half Lives to expose the poor conditions in the city tenements/apartments
Homestead Act 160 acres of land free in return for living on it for at least 5 years. Encouraged settlement of western territories Manifest Destiny
Federal Reserve Act national banking system controls the US money supply
pluralism a nation or society of groups distinctive in ethnic origin, cultural patterns, religion example - selling magazines in different languages or newspapers from other countries
Bill of Rights added to the constitution to protect individual rights - natural rights freedom of speech, religion, press,…. So the antifederalist would sign the Constitution
Seneca Falls Convention women's movement -wrote - Declaration of Sentiments - wanted vote/education/equal pay Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Staton, Lucia Mott
Poll taxes, literacy tests, and the grandfather clause used in the south to prevent former slaves from voting
Plymouth colony and Jamestown colony first colonies in North America settled on the eastern coastline
WEB Dubois African American - wanted to increase civil rights wanted to gain equality through political and economic rights - go to college for Liberal Arts - started the NAACP
Booker T Washington former slave-wanted to increase civil rights worked for equality by being trained for skilled labor such as carpentry & plumbing opened the Tuskegee Institute
Cold War tensions with Soviet Union communism containment monitor person suspected of endangering national security
containment stop the spread of communism
Domino Theory communism took control of China and Southeast Asia - Americans worried about communism spreading - US would start helping countries resist further spread of communism. Ex - Korea and Vietnam
The Three Fifths Compromise Three out of every five slaves would be counted as population. For representation in Congress and taxation.
Amendment process This is how we update the Constitution to meet current times each amendment must be approved by both Congress and the states.
Removal Act Forced Native Americans to lands west of the Mississippi River. Known as the Trail of Tears.
Declaration of Independence explain & justify reasons the colonies revolted against England. People have natural rights:life, liberty, propery Power comes from the people-Consent of governed
Jim Crow Laws southern states passed laws to segregate people African Americans could not share facilities with whites. ex. Railroad cars, water fountains, bathrooms
laissez faire government hands off of business
The Grange meeting place for farmers to share information related to farming To fight abuse from the railroads and banks they formed a political party which became known as the Populist Party
Spanish American War explosion of USS Maine in Cuban harbor makes Americans angry with Spain. US defeats Spain Cuba is independent US begins to control Cuban politics and economy
New Deal Programs Relief-immediate help to the needy Recovery-stimulate the economy-aid -create jobs Reform - to make changes to keep economy working, social security, FDIC
nativism wanted to limit immigration because it took away jobs from people that were born here
Internment Camps after the bombing of Pearl Harbor Japanese Americans were put in containment camps for fear they were spies
Harlem Renaissance African American cultural movement in NYC focused on African American identity and pride through literature, art, music, and dance Langston Hughes
McCarthyism Senator running for re-election he stated that we had communist in our government to corrupt our government unfounded accusations- no proof US investigated suspected communist
Langston Hughes Harlem Renainance poet, playwright and novelist who wrote about the African American experience, especially that of the poor and working class
War Powers Act 1973 requires the President to seek congressional approval if troops are sent into action for longer than 60 days to prevent another Vietnam or Korean involvement
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization collective security after WWII - mutual defense changed our foreign policy of staying neutral
United Nations an international peacekeeping organization to which most nations in the world belong 1945 to promote world peace, security, and economic development US joined
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