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Mo Jud. Loc.

Stack #162058

What is the chief duty of the judicial branch Interpret Missouri’s laws or determine if they are constitutional
What section of Missouri's constitution outlines the Judicial Branch 5
What is the Missouri Plan? The process by which Missouri selects it's judges
How does a person become a Missouri Judge? 1. Selected by a pannel of lawers 2. governor chooses from the lawers the pannel selects 3. Voters then choose weather to retain the judge or not at the next general election
How many judges sit on the Missouri Supreme Court? 7
What is the hightst court a case can be appealed to in Missouri? Supreme Court
What are the three levels of courts in Missouri Supreme, Appeals, and Circut
How many circuts are there in Missouri 45
How many counties are there in Missouri 114
What is a small sub division of a county called Township
What is the most common form of local government in Missouri Mayor-Council
What is the form of government for St. Louis City Mayor-Council
T or F a special purpose district serves only one function True
What are two examples of special purpose districts? Lindgergh school district and Mehlville Fire protection district
Name three kinds of local government Mayor-council, City manager, Village Trustee, Concil Comission
Created by: Coach Hilton