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3rd Grade History

Wilson Hall - 3rd Grade History - Forming a New Government, Making a Living

The new country and South Carolina had to write a _____ and establish a new government. constitution
_____ _____ was elected the first governor of the state of South Carolina. John Rutledge
When South Carolina became a state, the economy was _____ or farming. agricultural
In the _____ _____, there were small farms. Up Country
_____ grew almost anywhere in the state. It has many sticky seeds and is hard to pull. Cotton
_____ _____ invented a machine to remove the seeds from the cotton. Eli Whitney
This machine was called the _____ _____. cotton gin
Cotton was so important that it beecame known as _____ _____. King Cotton
The farmers kept on planting cotton, but they didn't realize they were taking _____ from the soil. nutrients
Cotton from South Carolina was sent to England and the north to make woven cloth or _____. textiles
_____ _____ opened a textile mill in Graniteville in 1849. William Gregg
_____ ______ was a famous architect who designed many buildings for South Carolina and the United States government. Robert Mills
_____ is a set of rules under which the government operates. constitution
_____ is a system of growing, making, selling, buying, and using goods and services. economy
_____ is farming. agriculture
_____ is the land above the Fall Line. Up Country
_____ is the border between the soft rock of the coastal plain and the hard rock of the Piedmont region. Fall Line
_____ is the food in the soil that plants need to grow. nutrients
_____ is woven cloth. textiles
_____ is the person who designs or draws buildings. architect
_____ was the first state governor of South Carolina. John Rutledge
_____ invented a machine called the cotton gin. Eli Whitney
_____ opened a large textile mill in Graniteville in 1849. William Gregg
_____ was a famous architect who designed buildings in South Carolina and for the United States government. Robert Mills
Created by: CarmenMcCaffrey