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OH-Ch. 1

Ohio History-Chapter 1

How did the glacier improve Ohio's farmland? It left very rich "yummy" soil.
How was Lake Erie formed? It was formed by a glacier.
What do you call a line of small hills that runs east to west across our state. Rivers to the north flow north to Lake Erie and rivers to the south flow south. Ohio Divide
Where is the source of the Ohio River? In Pittsburgh, PA
How did Ohio get its name? The Iroquois Indians called the river "O-Y-O" meaning great river. The Europeans used that to create Ohio.
What are some of the effects that the glacier had on the land in Ohio? 1. flattened the hills 2. left deep valleys 3. left rich "yummy" soil
What do you call very rich soil left behind by the glacier? Till
What do you call a time period in history with very cold weather? Ice Age
What formed the landforms in Ohio? the glaciers
What do you call water that falls to the ground as rain, sleet, snow, and hail? precipitation
What is the northern section of the Interior Plains called? Lake Plains
What do you call the wide stretch of flat land and gently rolling hills on the western half of Ohio? Interior Plains
What is the southern section of the Interior Plains called? Till Plains
On which plain is Cincinnati located? Till Plains
What do you call the area that makes up most of eastern Ohio? Appalachian Plateau
Describe the land on the Appalachian Plateau. The north has rolling hills and the south has steep and rocky hills.
What is a large, mostly flat land area that rises sharply above the land around it called? plateau
What do you call large, nearly flat areas of land? plains
What is something that divides one place from another? (It may be a natural landform or an imaginary line.) a border
What is the land, water, plants, animals, and people living in an area called? geography
Why does Cleveland get more snow? Lake effect snow
What are the 2 parts of the Interior Plains? Lake Plains & Till Plains
What are the 2 major landforms in Ohio? Interior Plains and Appalachian Plateau
Which states lie along our eastern border? West Virginia & Pennsylvania
Which state lies along our western border? Indiana
Which landform forms our entire southern border? the Ohio River
Which landform borders most of our northern border? Lake Erie
Where a river begins/starts is called______ source
Where a river empties into another body of water is called_____ mouth
A small river that goes into a larger body of water is called a ____ tributary
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