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Unité cinq

un drôle de weekend

acheter to buy
bouffer to have a good feed
le copain,la copine friend, mate
courir to run
crier to shout/yell
gagner to win
gentil(le) kind
le héros hero
lutter to fight
par by
passer to spend (time)
le porc-épic porcupine
presque nearly,almost
raconter to tell (a story)
rencontrer to meet, encounter
sauter to jump
sauvage wild
sauver to save
la souris mouse
tout very
au secours! help!
c'était la barbe it was a bore
c'était bien it was good
c'était comment? how was it?
ils sont nuls they suck
je craque pour I'm mad about...,I just love...
c'est un drôle d'histoire that's some story! that's a funny story
c'était un drôle de camping some camp that was,it wasn't much of a camp
c'était ennuyeux it was boring
quel dommage what a pity! Whata a shame
qu'est-ce qu'il est courageux isn't he brave! My gosh she's brave.
Created by: SHHSfrench5