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Stack #161700 Soc.St

Stack #161700 Social Studies

Where did Henry Hudson find a route to? Asia, but he ended up in Canada
Where did Henry Hudson claim land for the Dutch? New York Harbor
Which explore found a northwestern water route to Asia in 1541? Jacques Cartier
What two major civilizations did the Spanish conquer in their search for gold? They conquered the Incas and the Aztech Empire.
What name did Hernan cortes call the group of soldiers that invaded the Aztech Empire? The Conquistadors
In 1416 and 1497, what land did John Cabot claim for the British? Canada
What role did Prince Henry the Navigator paly in Europena exploration? He gave the people navitation education, and encouraged people to go past the "boiling waters" and to face their fears.
During the early days of exploration, what did the portugese voyagers do? Sailed along the coast of Africa.
What was a motivating factor for Europe's exploration of the New World? To claim land, money, spices, and riches.
Which explorer made the fierst journey from Portugal to India safely? Vasco De Gama
Ferdinand Magellan was the first to do what? The first to send a crew sailing across the world.
Created by: pantergirl97