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Global History 2

regents review

Absolutism Age of Kings --- Monarch is another word for King
Divine Right belief that king was chosen by God ( same as Mandate of Heaven in China)
King Louis XIV King of France -- Sun King
Peter the Great Russian king that Modernized and Westernized
Galileo and Isaac Newton Scientists--- Believed in experimentation and observation
Enlightenment Period of time when they were getting new ideas about the government
John Locke Believes in Life, Liberty, and Property (Natural Rights of Man)
French Revolution Results influenced America and Latin American Revolution
Jose de San Martin, Toussaint l’Ouverture, and Simon Bolivar Independence leaders in Latin America
Nationalism Love and pride in your country ( Makes you want to unite together to form a new Country OR break away to form a new country)
Otto Von Bismark United Germany with Nationalism Believed in "BLOOD and IRON"
Industrial Revolution Change in the way work was done ---- Factories, Urbanization (moving to cities), Pollution, and Poor work conditions
Meiji Restoration Modernization in Japan
Imperialism When one country takes over another ---- They did this because they wanted Resources, raw Materials, and Markets to sell goods.
Scramble for Africa Berlin Conference was a meeting between countries where they divided up the continent of Africa without paying any attention to what Africa Wanted
Spheres of Influence Imperialism in China
WWI causes were MAIN ( Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism) Result was Treaty of Versailles -- Blamed Germany
Totalitarian Dictatorship Government that has total control over the people -- Uses Censorship, Secret Police, and propoganda
Russian Revolution caused by poor leadership and WWI.
Karl Marx Founder of Communism
Communism Government and Economy where everything is controlled by the government. ( the State decides what to make and how much of it to make and what it's going to cost)
Capitalism Economy where the people ( private business) control the money. Founded by Adam Smith
WWII caused by Treaty of Versailles
Holocaust example of Genocide ( mass murder of a large group of people)
Cold War war of ideas between US and USSR ( Democracy Vs. Communism) Gorbachov --- Periostroka and Glastnoz
Communist China Mao ZeDong --Communist Leader Nationalist Leader that opposed Mao was Chang Kaishek
Apartheid System in South Africa where they separated (kept APART) whites and blacks.
Nelson Mandela Black South African who went to jail for fighting apartheid --- Became first black president of South Africa
Rawanda Example of Genocide
Ethnic Cleansing Another name for Genocide --- Example is Serbia/ Bosnia
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