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Structure located within the lateral umbilical folds? ## Inferior epigastric vessels (Netter p.247)
Specific bladder surfaces which meet at its neck. 119 Inferolateral and posterior surfaces
Tubular structure present at the junction of only the inferolateral and superior surfaces of the bladder. 119 Median umbilical ligament
Pouch immediately posterior to male bladder. 119 Rectovesical pouch
Potential space anterior to bladder. 119 Retropubic space
Potential space anterior to bladder? 119 Retropubic space
Pouch immediately posterior to the female bladder. 119 Vesicouterine pouch
Give the capacity of undistended bladder. 120 500 ml
Name given to the majority of smooth muscle forming the wall of the bladder. 120 Detrusor muscle
Discuss the derivation of the trigone muscle. 120 longitudinal smooth muscle of the ureters
Give landmarks when interconnected by a line will form the perimeter of the vesical trigone. 120 reter orifice & internal urethral orifice
Give the arteries to bladder directly from the internal iliac. 120 Superior, middle, and inferior vesical arteries
Give the venous drainage of female bladder. 120 Vesical-vaginal plexus to internal iliac vein
Voluntary control over the urge to micturate involves what? 121 Elevation of levator ani muscles
Specific cup-like structures which surround the apices of the renal pyramids only. 121 Minor Calyces
The descent of the _____ of the ____ is essential to the initiation of normal urination? 121 Neck Bladder
Component immediately external to renal fascia? 121 PARArenal fat
Component immediately internal to renal fascia? 121 PERIrenal fat
Component immediately internal to pararenal fat. 121 Renal Fascia
Using vertebral levels, where do the kidenys lie when in the supine postion? Do they move when in erect position? 121 T12-L2,3 Yes, move caudally about an inch.
Give the bony posterior relations of the left kidney. 122 11th and 12th ribs
Besides the suprarenal gland, give two structures related anteriorly with the right kidney. 122 2nd part of duodenum, right colic flexure, liver
Besides the stomach and splenic vessels, give 2 viscera (give specific part when needed) immediately related to the spleen. Use only those mentioned in handout. 122 Left kidney, Tail of pancreas
Name four muscles related posteriorly to the kidneys. 122 Psoas major, quadratic lumborum, transversus abdominus, respiratory diaphragm
Name two nerves that are posteriorly related to the kidneys. 122 Subcostal, iliohypogastric, ilioinguinal
Artery to bladder directly from the internal iliac? 120 Inferior vesical a.
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