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Chapter 14

The American Promise 5th Edition. Professor: Jones-Reed : Keywords

John C. Fremont Solider and California Adventurer
Wilmot Proviso Proposal by an antislavery Pennsylvania Democrat
Robert B. Taney Chief justice who hated republicans and racial equality
John Brown Free-soil settler
Lincoln-Douglas Debates Legendary meetings dealing with slavery
Compromise of 1850 Temporary peace between sections divided on the question of slavery
Harriet Beecher Stowe White northerner who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin in 1852
Gadsden Purchase 30,000 square miles of territory acquisition from Mexico
Stephen A. Douglas Democratic senator from Illinois
Zachery Taylor General in the Mexican American War, Southern slaveholder
Know Nothings Nativist political Party, Known as the American Party
Fugitive Slave Act To seize an alleged slave
Secessionists Southern politicians wanting to leave the union after Lincoln’s election in 1860
Charles Sumner Massachusetts Senator who criticized proslavery violence in Kansas
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