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Chapter 12

The American Promise 5th Edition. Professor: Jones-Reed : Keywords

Samuel F.B. Morse Developer of the telegram
American System The practice of manufacturing and then assembling interchangeable parts
Henry Clay Whig presidential candidate
Brigham Young Leader of the church
John Deere Developer of a strong steel plow
Manifest Destiny Coined term by John L. Sullivan
Zachery Taylor Popular American general
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Reformer of the national woman’s right convention
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Mexican general and political leader
Joseph Smith Jr. Upstate New York farm boy
Frederick Douglas Former slave lecturer
Harriet Tubman Escaped slave from Maryland
Transcendentalism Alternative to mainstream valves
Seneca Falls of Declaration of Sentiments Civil liberties for woman
Underground Railroads Network
Stephen F. Austin American who received a huge tract of land
Mechanical Reapers Tools that helped harmers harvest more land
Created by: sajimenez