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Ghana was a kingdom in africa, it was ruled by sohinke people, salt was a major trade, art, technology, and philosiphy were all very important
Mali was a kingdom in africa, traded salt, grain, and wine, islam was the main religion
Songhay was a kingdom in africa, was the center of learning, traded lots of fish, controlled trade routes, had an essential military, used caste system, and islam was the main religion
nuclear family parents and brothers and sisters and step family
tribe communal living
animism 1. belief in one remote supreme god2. a world of spirits (good and bad) in all things3. ancestor veneration4. belief in magic, charms, and fetishes5. diviner =meditator between god and people of the tribe.
chinampas irragation system developed by the aztecs
tribute goods and services conqured people paid to the aztecs
human sacrifice aztecs killed people to please their gods
aztecs tribe that is in modern day mexico city they had many achomplishments and human sacrifices. had tribute of gold and human
incas a tribe that was alot alike the aztecs but they did animal sacrifice. took tribute of land and labor
Mayans had accurate calender, used hieroglyphic writing system, had social classes, produced lots of maize or corn
Mansa Musa remembered for hajo pr pilgrimage to mecca
Ibn Battuta he took a journey to many places of discomfort
Prince Herny the navigetor took many voyages, good guy, serch for christians to trade and pray with
montezuma died in battle
quetzocoatal was a god. aztecs thought curtos was quetzocotal and gave him gold.
Created by: chelseatheodore
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